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Who is the Greatest Wide Receiver in Packers History?



Jordy Nelson is a single of the excellent receivers in Packers history. That statement must be as uncontroversial as it is clear. 1 short glimpse of a single of his patented toe-tapping sideline catches or back-shoulder touchdown grabs is all everyone must have to have to know that at his greatest, he was some thing actually unique.

But figuring out exactly where he fits amongst all the pass catchers ever to put on a Packers uniform is a a great deal trickier proposition. It is quick to say he was excellent it is a great deal tougher to say how a great deal extra or much less excellent he was in comparison to other all-timers. And even extra tough is attempting to figure out which of these receivers is the greatest ever.

In truth, it is so tough I do not consider we must do it at all. Let’s play about with numbers alternatively.

The Packers getting leaderboard has changed a ton

Getting stats are fickle. For a great deal of the NFL’s early history, the forward pass was regarded as foolhardy at greatest and actively damaging at worst. But after Don Hutson arrived on the scene, every thing changed. The NFL’s initially actually dominant pass catcher, Hutson rewrote the record book in Green Bay and in the league as a entire.

The game was under no circumstances the similar. With every single passing year, new players rocketed up the Packers’ getting yardage leaderboard, although no one caught Hutson till James Lofton, who reigned supreme till Donald Driver broke the 10,000 yard mark.

But why study about the leaderboard altering when you can watch it? Here’s a year-by-year appear at the Packers’ profession leader in getting yards, colour coded by the decade in which that player produced his debut.

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