Rapidly increasing Boston primarily based Nation singer/songwriter Chris Moreno is prepared to take the genre by storm with the release of his beautiful new single ‘Before You’.

Right here we chat exclusively to Chris Moreno to talk about his most recent providing, touring, writing course of action and additional:

How excited are you to be sharing your new single?

I’m really excited! It is been pretty much 9 months because I’ve place out new music and I feel this is the best track to re-introduce myself with.

How would you describe the general vibe of the track to new listeners?

The track has a really modern day and fresh really feel as far as production goes, and it is also fairly up tempo. It is got a small bit of rock edge that I like to preserve all through most of my songs, but it also has r&b style melodies in specific components which is unique for me and I feel the tracks shows development from my preceding perform.

What was the writing course of action like for the song?

“Before You” was co-written with Jake Flaherty and Ty March who are a couple of terrific writers right here in Nashville. It was the very first time we had all written with each other and we began with the title “before you” in thoughts very first, and then set out to craft the song about that concept. I quickly could relate to the idea of acquiring a person who modifications your life in such a good way that it is really hard to picture your life with no them. The song came with each other fairly naturally and I we all knew we had some terrific when it was completed.

What are you hoping the fans take from the track?

I hope that they can relate to the good message of the song. For me it is about celebrating the truth that at any point you could meet a person who has such an influence on you that they inspire you to be the finest version of oneself and I feel that is a gorgeous point.

How do you really feel your style fits into the existing Nation Market place?

I would say my style fits in fairly properly with the existing male pop nation market place but I feel there’s a distinct “edge” to my music that you do not hear with some of the other artists. Even though I do enjoy to listen to a lot of nation music, I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock, specially 90’s option rock (Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, and so on) and I feel that influence comes across in the music. I’m proud of the truth that I do not truly generate music with a precise genre in thoughts and I feel my music showcases a blend of all unique designs. At the finish of the day nevertheless, I do really feel like my music fits finest in the modern day nation music market place.

Can we anticipate a complete length album from you this year?

I released a five song EP in May well of final year so I feel this year I’m just seeking to release about 3 singles. The comply with up song to “Before You” is known as “Like I wanna be” and it is most likely to be released this May well or June.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?

Yes! I essentially just released a bunch of new tour dates in help of the new single and I’ll be playing all along the east coast as properly as the Carolina’s and a couple of states about TN.

Make confident you comply with Chris on Twitter @chrismorenoband to retain up to date with all his most recent music and tour news!

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