Slamming guitar riffs, diverse vocals and intense percussion. These components come with each other brilliantly in Mechanical Roots’ track ‘Day Dream’.

From the starting of the track, the listener is greeted with a distinct guitar riff that shakes their interest. Quickly soon after, you are met with the rough however earthy vocal tones that pull you into the alt-rock black hole. This remains constant for some time ahead of the bridge hits. The bridge genuinely provides the track a new dimension, as the vocals and instruments all turn into subdued and offer the track with a ‘soft’ centre as it have been.

As you are just drifting into this comfy limbo, you are pulled straight back out with the sound of constructed up drums and some main guitar shredding! This mixture of guitar and drum solo genuinely let the listener to practical experience the capabilities the band has to provide. This song unquestionably has the important components of a classic alt-rock song catchy lyrics, main shredding, drum/guitar solos and punchy vocals that add depth and feeling to the track.

Mechanical Roots

General, Mechanical Roots have made a track that clearly pulls inspiration from the likes of the ‘Foo Fighters’ and ‘Kings of Leon’. It has the important/classic components and format of an alt-rock song that packs a punch! An powerful ‘motivational’ track suited for any exercise playlist.

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