A couple of days back, singer Chris Evans shocked us when he revealed that he has been in South Africa shooting a video for his song ‘Bwebinyuma’ that allegedly price him a total of Ug Shs 90 million.

His revelations received harsh reception from the public in particular these that do not think in him as effectively as some music critics. A section of the public ran to social media and termed the singer’s claims as a joke.

Nevertheless, in a short interview with a regional Television station, he has come out in defense of his statement. He laughed off the allegations and mentioned that the sum of the revenue he utilized wasn’t a just a joke.

He says that it is a accurate story as he briefly narrated how by means of all the years he has been in the music sector, he has been in a position to invest in several ventures. He added that he has been fortunate adequate in that he typically rips huge from the ventures.

Evans revealed that he has been active in agriculture, tomato developing in certain and he got massive harvests.

“I collected a lot of revenue from my tomatoes and on it I added some I have been receiving from musical shows,” The singer mentioned

The ‘Linda’ singer additional noted that even though the Shs 90 million can not be physically displayed in the video for the doubting Thomases to think, the top quality and costs are worth the revenue.  He explains that to shoot in South Africa, he bought air tickets for Darlington video crew plus his personal vixens and group.

“I didn’t know I would ever save Shs 90 million, but the globe can genuinely alter,” he mentioned.

The singer concluded by advising fellow Musicians to diversify.

Watch the video for his song right here