Featured on This Is Not Taking place, the comedian delivered a hilarious stand up routine.

Drew Carey lately came onto Season four of the comedy series This Is Not Taking place (that got its begin as a Television show but later moved to YouTube) to inform the hilarious story of a friend’s undesirable trips whilst they have been going to Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas and TomorrowWorld in Atlanta. 

The story occurred four-five years ago, as he recalls, and involved all sorts of drugs influencing his friends’ psyche in the funniest way. Carey wasn’t seriously getting second thoughts about turning the predicament into a huge joke into his friends’ expense, and what adds to the whole narration is the truth that his pal is also a well-known comedian who did not want his name to be revealed. 

Watch Drew Carey’s stand up story beneath: 

Drew Carey started his profession as a comedian much more than 30 years ago, beginning off performing at comedy clubs in Los Angeles and his hometown of Cleveland, ahead of enjoying mainstream achievement, writing his personal stand up comedy unique titled Drew Carey: Human Cartoon and appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

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