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Fiat Chrysler (FCA) say a strategy they have agreed with Tesla will support them keep away from paying fines for violating new European Union emissions guidelines.

Below the deal, very first reported by the Monetary Occasions, FCA will spend for the ideal to count Tesla’s electric autos as portion of the FCA fleet.

By pooling their autos, the Italian carmaker will be capable to report a decrease typical emission figure.

Tesla has not confirmed the deal. It is not clear how a great deal it is worth.

In a statement, FCA mentioned it would “optimise the choices for compliance the regulations provide”.

The carmaker continued: “FCA is committed to minimizing the emissions of all our solutions… the buy pool supplies flexibility to provide solutions our shoppers are prepared to obtain though managing compliance with the lowest price method.”

Final year FCA, which has been lagging behind rivals in the manufacture of electric autos, mentioned it planned to commit €9bn (£7.75bn $10.1bn) more than 4 years to create electric automobiles which complied with international emissions requirements.

Below EU guidelines, carmakers can join with rival organizations to kind so-referred to as open pools, but none had completed so till now.

FCA applied to kind an emissions pool with Tesla, and also Alfa Romeo, in February.

Toyota and Mazda have also applied to the EU to kind an emissions pool, as have Citroen, Peugeot, and Opel.