A single week ago, currently, Ultra Miami was closing its 21st edition. This time, for the reason that challenges with Downtown residents, the festival was forced to move to Virginia Important. Far away from the skyscrapers of the Miami skyline but, nevertheless in Miami.

The story I’m going to inform you it is my private practical experience of the festival.

Let’s take a step back speaking about the relocation on Virginia Important. Due to the fact of the new place, Ultra has set up a shuttle bus service and a ferry service, each aimed to bring people today from and to the festival. Shuttle buses had been divided into 3 lines and had been no cost with the festival ticket rather, the ferry line was obtainable at a prize of $ 100. Thanks to the large spaces obtainable in Virginia Important, Ultra has split up the festival in between the Marine Stadium (mainstage, reside arena, worldwide stage, and UMF stage) and the Historic Beach Park (RESISTANCE Island), each linked by a 1.five Km route, practicable on foot.

With this basic understanding of the festival, let’s jump into day 1.

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Ultra Miami 2019, the story

Ultra Miami 2019 Day 1

Day 1 began with me heading to American Airlines Arena about two pm to get the bus that would have brought me at the Marine Stadium. Immediately after 20 minutes of wait, we had been on route for Ultra. Due to the fact the super early time of arrival, the entrance of the festival was smooth without the need of troubles. I rented a locker exactly where I’ve deposited my stuff to move about the festival less difficult. Even if I spent most of Day 1 on the front row of the mainstage, I also managed to discover the Marine Stadium.

Compared to Bayfront, the new Virginia Important place was substantially substantially bigger, with tons of space for moving and rest. Reside Arena, Worldwide stage and UMF Radio had been incredibly close to each and every other, as well substantially closer. Image the 3 stages as the vertices of a triangle in the middle you had been in a position to hear all the 3 stages at the exact same time. Not the coolest issue in the planet if you ask me. The scenario was superior walking closer to each stage but, specifically throughout the final four hours of the day, with the festival at its maximum capacity, it wasn’t straightforward.

Anyway, coming back to the front row of the mainstage, the scenario was slightly superior. Even if I had been at much less than two m from the subwoofer, the audio high-quality was brilliant (I was wearing earplugs, certainly). Day 1 went incredibly smooth inside the festival, with extraordinary performances from Nora En Pure all the way to Alesso. I left the mainstage to have a appear at what’s going on on the other stages at the finish of Alesso. Fascinating has been Odesza on the Reside Arena with a brilliant efficiency. About the Reside Arena, the stage ought to have been larger, deemed also the region obtainable. Folks had been packed and, as quickly as you had been moving away from the stage, the sound bleeding from other stages was worst.

In addition to some isolated circumstances of annoying people today on the crowd, day 1 at the mainstage went smooth. Mainstage’s visual was on point as properly as fire, pyro, lasers, CO2, and fireworks.

I’ve decided to left the festival at the starting of Marshmello to stay away from large lines for shuttle buses. It is from this moment the troubles for Ultra Miami 2019 began. As we’ve described in a preceding write-up, Ultra Miami messed up with the transportation technique that was supposed to bring all the people today from Virginia Important to the mainland. Pretty much all of the crowd was forced to run across the Virginia Important bridge to get back house, walking for kilometers following nearly 12 hours at the festival. The huge exodus of people today was also feasible thanks to the coordination of the Miami Dade and Virginia Important law enforcement, that took manage of the scenario.

Ultra Miami 2019 Day two

I’ll inform you my point of view on the troubles occurred on the initial day at the finish of the story so, for now, let’s go on.

Important efficiency of Ultra Miami day two has been, for confident, the Martin Garrix mainstage closing (yes, I’m a fan as well). For this purpose, I decided to enter the festival as quickly as feasible at about two:20 pm I was currently on the front row.

My initial impression, going to the festival, was that transportation to Virginia Important has been enhanced. The excellent quantity of buses currently stationed at the hub was in a position to load people today promptly without the need of lines or delay.

As you may possibly think about, be in the front row for 12 hours straight, dancing, beneath Miami’s hot sun, is physically challenging. Fortunately, Ultra Miami safety sometimes distributed water to these who necessary it.

Day two was characterized by a large rainbow of artists in terms of music genres from Tchami to Zedd, Armin Van Buuren as properly as Gud Vibrations who brought on the stage, Shaquille O’Neal. The former NBA player, actually, jumped and began to dance with the crowd.

To stay away from the mess of the shuttle buses occurred on day 1, I decided to left Martin’s set 30 minutes prior to the finish. This is exactly where items got exciting. With my significant surprise (I was currently organizing to stroll along the bridge to get house), Ultra Miami transportation challenges had been nearly 100% fixed. With coordinate lines, buses prepared to go on the pickup point and an all round effective on the exit gate, I spent only 25 minutes in line. 40 minutes from the moment I got in line I was in my hotel space. I’ve described in particulars the large day two transportation improvement in this write-up.

Ultra Miami 2019 Day three

With day 1 and day two spent at the marine stadium, I planned to discover the RESISTANCE Island throughout day three. Due to the fact of its 1.five miles distance from the mainstage and the full distinctive layout, RESISTANCE Island can be effortlessly deemed a festival in the festival.

As soon as inside, there was this huge lawn with, on the correct the Arrival stage and on the left the Reflector stage. With picknick tables, meals stands, art installations and amazing arrangement of lights it seemed to have entered a parallel universe.

Moving on from this initial region, a path linked Arrival and Reflector stage to the megastructure. To make items far more exciting, Ultra decided to place the ECO Village in the middle of this way. The ECO Village was equipped with a little stage surrounded by hammocks and the attractive Virginia Important nature. This was the best location to recharge your power prior to getting into the megastructure.

Moving led walls, unbelievable music and amazing people today had been the search phrases of the megastructure.

I’ve to say, even though I am not the hugest underground music fan, I nearly enjoyed RESISTANCE Island far more than the Marine Stadium.

At about 1:30 am I was back at the Marine Stadium for the Grand Finale which was ok if you ask.

two am, time to heading back to the hotel? No! On the UMF Radio stage, Martin Garrix and STMPD Records began an insane b2b2b2b2b which lasted for a fantastic hour.

My final believed on Ultra Miami 2019

When you speak about Ultra in Miami, you assume about the very best electronic dance music festival in the planet lengthy story brief, it is, regardless of the troubles.

Ultra Miami has far more than 20 years of achievement behind its back so, they’re applied to set up such significant festivals. This year, tho, it was distinctive. With the transform of place much less than four months prior to the festival, Ultra Miami had to compress the complete organization method in such a brief window of time. We are all human, even who organize the world’s top EDM festival.

Yes, we have spent hundreds of dollars and Ultra had promised the very best service ever, even in the new place. They certainly have failed in some aspect (the most identified, transportation for confident) but we cannot deny they’ve nevertheless worked day and evening delivering, on the second and final day, what I personally take into account the very best festival practical experience a human becoming can have.

Walking far more than 7 Kms to get back house was a disaster but, occasionally, we just need to have to see the fantastic aspect in it. For the duration of that lengthy lengthy stroll, I’ve met so a lot of awesome people today, I’ve shared thoughts, talked about this and that and admired the Miami skyline and, I’m confident, lots of you have accomplished the exact same. Even if I do not rememebr a name of all that people today, it is some thing I’ll hold in my very best memories.

I want to make a particular mention to the RESISTANCE Island, a paradise inside the festival. For some purpose, people today behaviors had been way superior, with tons of space to dance, move and rest. Even if the underground music atmosphere wasn’t your favourite 1, I would have provided it a attempt. It is a entirely mindblowing practical experience.

Even with its troubles (all fixed more than time), Ultra Miami is a life-altering practical experience, hands down. From the music to the place, stages, crowd and the vibes in basic, Ultra Miami will be your final festival location.

Let’s cease raise Bayfront Pack as the best venue for Ultra, for the reason that it is not.