Larissa Dos Santos Lima Hopeful Assault Case Will Plea Out

Ever because she initially appeared on 90 Day Fiance, Larissa Dos Santos Lima has been a standout figure in a globe of intriguing characters.  Eric Rosenbrook and Leida MargarethaNicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou.  Just to name a couple of.

Larissa’s relationship with Colt Johnson was awkward from the moment she stepped off the plane and into the arms of her flower-much less beau.  However, fans quickly realized this couple had extra significant concerns when it was reported Larissa had been arrested for domestic assault.  Sadly, this was not a a single-time incident.  Larissa was arrested two extra instances for assaulting Colt. Nevertheless, the earlier assault charges got dropped.Larissa’s  most current assault charge stemmed from a fight involving the couple which resulted in Colt filing for a divorce.  According to an short article from The Blast, the trial has been postponed in the hopes the parties can attain a deal.

Larissa’s trial was set to begin April four, according to the short article, but she did not seem.  Her lawyer had requested a postponement for “negotiations to take spot with prosecutors.” A new hearing has been set for some time subsequent month exactly where “both sides will inform the court of a doable resolution.”

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Sounds like Larissa desires to do what she can to stay clear of jail time.  Can you blame her?  Just after all, she was married to Colt so she’s currently endured cruel and uncommon punishment. I kid, I kid.  They had been each horrible.

Assault charges aside, Larissa and Colt had been in a position to attain a resolution on their divorce earlier this month. And we’ll be in a position to watch the ex’s on a new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever Just after? I in no way believed I would say that I miss these two but.. I miss these two. Admit it, hasn’t absolutely everyone missed the ear piercing, thoughts-numbing cry of Larissa calling out for Colt-e.  And we’ll be in a position to see how mama Debbie Johnson manages to hold her son all to herself.  Ahh, the ick element is coming back.

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