METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #510 – Bidet Afta Dis with OKILLY DOKILLY & David LaGreca


David LaGreca, host of SiriusXM’s Busted Open on Fight Nation (ch. 156) sat in on most of the show, and he could not have match in any far better. Dave, Rob, Noa and 3D recap all the wrestling events they went to this weekend, which includes WrestleMania and acquiring out of the madness of the parking scenario. We speak about early wrestling memories, Japanese wrestling and going to Madison Square Garden. We hear from our buddy Mark who has some sensible opinions. In hour two, we spoke with Head Ned about his Flanders themed metal band, Okilly Dokilly, who you can catch on tour. He also told us how the band produced their Simpsons look. We finish the show recapping Mike Francesa’s current interview with Roman Reigns.

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