Currently exhausted from my endeavour in organising a day of street entertainment reside in the city, rolling back the years and rushing about like a spritely youth, my steadily ageing thoughts and physique wanted to slump for quite a few hours by way of the evening, but I couldn’t. For regardless of my disheartened consistency, in regards to Juve this season (and the final), they are my club. And this was a quarter final. So the alarm roused me at 446am…



I was really bleary eyed for the very first twenty minutes or so, but right after quite a few cups of tea, I was lucid. And unsurprised to locate the pattern of the game had develop into one particular of steady Ajax exuberance, a vociferous crowd with Juve reduce and thrust attempts top to mere flashes in the pan. Although a couple of probabilities had been created for Juve to just about match the probabilities designed by the household side. Neither outfit capable to grab the lead.

While Ajax had been clearly on leading, we had been not as poor as we have been. Just typical, and fairly substantially holding our personal.

The target came as a surprise of sorts, but not the scorer and it was a beautiful flowing move which led to the Ronaldo header. What followed direct from kick off for the second period was hideous, however the red and white jerseys deserved their equaliser on the balance of play and it of course added renewed wind to their sails.

We had been capable to usually climate the storm, although at occasions we had been stuck in our personal half, absorbing wave right after wave of attacking endeavour, and merely kicking the ball back to Ajax close to the half way line, with no one up leading, or at least not adequate movement up the field when we did regain the ball to offer you any meaningful outlet. This has been a issue for a though. And it is absolutely how Max sets the group up.



I was bemused to see Small Doug enter the fray. The tie properly balanced and certainly they would tire, so I understood the move. Costa is super rapid and can move previous players at amazing pace, however his final item is so normally lacking. As it proved, for while a splendid run did meet the post with his final shot, quite a few other wonderful moves forward ended with a pass to the keeper properly away from any player in black and white.

Why I was bemused was since on the bench we had our most in kind player, our most in kind clinical 18 yard box lightning quick beast of a youngster. Who didn’t get a sniff in this tie. Such is Max’s way.

The final outcome was fine for us, and possibly a fair one particular. For while Ajax showed hugely much more attacking verve and fluidity and belief and cohesion, they do not have the high quality individually that we possess. This was the household side playing I assume someplace close to their greatest, and yes, on a different evening they may perhaps have scored much more. However so could we.

A rapid word on the ref, who was amusing and also welcome in his reluctance to contact fouls let alone offer you cards. He let the game flow, waved play on when Bernardeschi was mauled a couple of occasions (and other individuals) and kept very good order all through. A throw back to yesteryear and we could do with much more of his ilk in the elite competitors.

The take away for me is that we had been not awfully outplayed by a pretty entertaining, confident and properly oragnised group who completely dismantled Actual on their household turf. We will possibly have Chiellini back for the second round, a fitter, sharper Ronaldo and Costa, Kean will function and our household record is powerful. We also have the all significant away target. Although I refuse to think that Max will method the 2nd leg cagey.



There had been a couple of negatives. One particular of which was the efficiency of Mandzukic, who toiled and accomplished pretty tiny certainly. Pjanic was also out of sorts, although pressed deep with the as constantly porous midfield about him and vulnerable back line to help the Bosnian seldom got into valuable positions up leading exactly where he can harm any foe.

Dybala was also poor when he came on, struggling to make any influence on the game and its ever much more worrying that he will leave in the Summer season. Worrying, since I like him, and really feel we have been wasting his talent. At some stage he will assume the very same, but he ought to shoulder some of the duty for his kind, for genuinely wonderful players shine in any role…

Positives had been also apparent, none much more so than the displaying of Rodrigo Bentancur. A player I have followed because just before we signed him in the Tevez deal. He has struggled at Juve, not in terms of becoming a valuable player, but much more so in maturing/ establishing the component of his game which most excited me in his earlier days. Which was a excellent potential to take possession of the ball, move at pace previous players who located it pretty really hard to take the ball from his feet. He did this a couple of occasions final evening, and looked like the only player on our group who could do so in tight positions and retain composure. Its this potential which I want to see us make use of and provided likelihood to blossom. His tackling was strong as was his covering and distribution. And it is normally worth reminding ourselves that he is but 21 years of age. Substantially, substantially much more to come from the Uruguayan. I hope it comes in black and white. For I haven’t observed quite a few players at Juve who could take the ball and energy previous opponents as if they weren’t there…Zidane and Pogba come to thoughts. Not quite a few other individuals. When I am speaking of the battlefield central location of the pitch. Its gold dust in the modern day and any era…

Rugani was also one particular who deserves praise for he stuck to his job, as did Bonucci, and they had been strong with each other at the back – although as Max pointed out right after the game, he does require to perform on his passing out from the back. Generally searching scared and looking for the safest route backwards or laterally.



The other most impressive player on the field, alongside Bentancur, was De Ligt. I have study and heard substantially about him, and now I comprehend why. He is class. Not the greatest with the ball at his feet but as a defender, his reading of the game, tackling, calmness, composure and muscle is immense. Incredibly uncommon to see this sort of talent in an 19 year old. And while Barca look favourites for his signature, exactly where are they finding all their dollars from and why do the FFP in no way raise an eyebrow at the important spending and astronomical wage bill? Which I study was about EU500m…Perhaps we do have a likelihood right after-all.

The central defence is now as substantially of a concern to me as the central midfield. This represents the spine of the group. Of any group.

I am no significant detractor of Bonucci. I have lengthy develop into bored of virtual jousting with these rapid to condemn and constantly hold the line of deferring to the players at the club who basically know him deeply, such as Chiellini. There are other individuals there who hold him in familial embrace. And if its adequate for these closest to him at the club, its adequate for me. On the other hand, he is not properly suited to a back 4. He has in no way been a final man stopper supreme such as King Giorgio. Leo is constantly at his greatest in a back 3. Which is not how we play or look to be searching to play. Nonetheless, he is properly above Rugani, Barzagli and Caceres. I just hope we sign at least two in the Summer season. Ideally a youngster established at a decent level and also an established warrior in the function.

Romero appears like a excellent thug. Incredibly raw. In all probability also raw for Juve (presently), but we pretty substantially require to enhance in this division. As I am nevertheless however to be convinced by Rugani. As for Barzagli and Caceres they are each certainly to leave just before subsequent season.

I am also exhausted to go into additional detail of prospective mercato action, so will finish with a short flurry…

We had been not as terrible as we have been for substantially of the season final evening. We earned a creditable draw, got the away target and could have won as simply as the opponents. It is doubtful – although doable – that we will be as typical at household. It is most likely we will be stronger, and if we play on the front foot, we locate ourselves in a promising position to progress.

It is now also late in the season to anticipate any significant modifications to kind or tactical improvement. I location my faith and belief in the final household efficiency in Europe, as a barometer of how properly we can play. And if Max is capable to draw any of that beautiful, fierce drive and zeal which was abundant when we demolished Atletico, it remains affordable to assume we could nevertheless go far in the competitors.

Absolutely nothing is specific, something is doable.

Forza Juve.