Dreamer Boy blesses his fans with a extended-awaited new visual


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Some months ago I was introduced to a single of the greatest existing talents in music and was instantly hooked. As quickly as the opening synth line hit my automobile speakers I knew that Dreamer Boy would be a star and right after what appears like an eternity later, he has lastly blessed us with the “Falling for the Incorrect One” visual, days right after the track eclipsed a single-million streams on Spotify.

Filmed in Joshua Tree National Park by Adam Alonzo and accompanied by his producer, Bobby Knepper (or, cleverly, Dreamer Bob), Dreamer Boy whimsically bounces about the California desert, exhibiting all the stunning carefree components of youthful spirit, and demonstrating why he is a single of the only people today that I can say are genuinely higher off life.

The peaceful instrumental carried by a uncomplicated, but upbeat drum pattern with trancey synths, subtle guitar riffs, and his personal ethereal vocals underneath the lyrics of this track set the stage for peaceful exploration of teenage emotion. The comprehensive solution is a heavenly melody, completely capable of becoming its personal solution altogether.

His singing is completely gentle and keeps total tranquility for the duration of the record. He unpacks teenage romance and is the lyrical content material is a fitting synecdoche for all lovesick wandering children browsing for what tends to make them happiest. I am enthralled by this record and am itching to hear far more from Dreamer Boy in the close to future.

Be on the lookout for the Dreamer Boy merch dropping quickly and his debut album “Love, Nostalgia” releasing on vinyl in the close to future.

Watch the premiere of “Falling for the Incorrect One” right here: