Golden DazeLos Angeles-primarily based duo Golden Daze offer you an intoxicating mix of dew-soaked melodies and psychedelic shimmers.

Formed by songwriters and mates, Ben Schwab and Jacob Loeb lately released their second album Simpatico by means of Autumn Tone, but stay below the radar this side of the pond. Their music is a liquid dive into a deep indigo pool, oftentimes reminiscent of bands like Broken Bells passing by means of waves of technicolor, hazy folk that tends to make it straightforward to get lost in every single meticulously arranged piece.

Standout single “Took a Fall” encapsulates a submarine ride by means of a 60s fuelled daydream. Glistening guitar chords punctuate the background whilst a warm, round lead melody dances in between every single vocal sequence. There’s an upbeat jaunt that commands the foot to tap whilst sunbeams component grey skies.

Golden Daze also channel bands like Actual Estate whilst building this laid back amalgamation of sounds. Finest listened to in a regional coffee shop, on a extended road trip with a clear sky, or in the background for the duration of quiet meditation Simpatico passes by means of a variation of lo fi and psych folk, but the roots remain correct to the bedroom scene that bore Golden Daze.