Properly, this is definitely bizarre.

Defecation, for these who do not don’t forget, is a grind band that began as a side project for Napalm Death members Mitch Harris and Mick Harris. Their initial album, Purity Dilution, was released in 1989 then, in 2003, extended following Mick Harris left Napalm Death, Mitch Harris produced a second Defecation album, Intention Surpassed, on his personal. And that was the final any individual heard from the band…

…until December, when a label known as Metal Bastard Enterprises announced the impending release a new Defecation 7″ EP, Reborn. A lot more fascinating nevertheless, in February, Metal Bastard announced a new Defecation complete-length, Killing with Kindness.

Now, Metal Bastard Enterprises has the Internet’s shittiest internet site — none of the hyperlinks even operate! — and a couple of elements of this announcement most likely ought to have struck individuals as becoming fishy appropriate away (Why wasn’t Mitch Harris advertising these releases? How come there wasn’t so considerably as a press release producing the announcement? And who announces an album just a couple of weeks just before its release, anyway?). But the label has at least 1 reputable release with the effectively-respected Terrorizer, so it is quick to see how buyers could have shrugged these issues off.

These buyers, we now know, got took. Mitch Harris has taken to Napalm Death’s Facebook web page to make it clear that neither he nor Mick Harris have something to do with either of these releases:

“People retain asking but – I AM NOT INVOLVED, this is NOT official.

“How could an individual just claim the name and logo devoid of permission?

“I did not record this material, nor did Mick Harris (as far as I am conscious.)

“People want to know about this simply because this label Metal Bastard Enterprise (Ex-Turbo Records) is pretty fraudulent in every single way.

“They scammed compact, unknown underground bands as well.

“I really feel sorry and apologize for any individual who may well have lost revenue shopping for this crap.

“I can not think that Nuclear Blast and other labels would openly distribute this via Universal. It is Sacrilege…

“Here is a hyperlink if you’d like to preview some guitar played on keyboard with bag pipe guitar solos, drum machine and voice processer, ahahahaha.

“Not me, sorry, Even with the Napalm Death title ‘Killing With Kindness’ & Sargent-D artwork.

“However, I do have a thing fascinating coming quickly. Please share. Thank you.”

It is accurate: an individual really recorded two fake Defecation releases. That is the not the type of scam we typically hear about, exactly where an individual releases music they have no appropriate to release and tries to pawn it off as authorized. That is above and beyond, close to-Threatin-level shit. The operate ethic would virtually be admirable, if the endgame wasn’t so dick.

Adding insult to injury, Metal Bastard is apparently conscious of Mitch Harris’ statement, simply because they’re cracking smart about it on Instagram (screencap right here if it gets yanked down):

So who the heck is operating Metal Bastard Enterprises? The label claims to be primarily based in Ibiza, Spain meanwhile, Mitch Harris says it is the identical guy who made use of to personal the now-defunct German label, Turbo. I dunno exactly where he got that information from, but I’ll take his word for it. The label appears to have place out at least 1 reputable Terrorizer release, which just tends to make all of this far more confusing, simply because there’s no way of realizing which components of their catalogue are bullshit.

We’ll retain attempting to figure out what’s going on right here. But just know that there’s no new Defecation releases out there appropriate now. Sorry.