Jasmin Peterhans, far better recognized as Sensu, has been constantly gliding swiftly into electronic music with her myriad of talents that extend far beyond generating and performing. Primarily based in Switzerland, Sensu has unveiled her brand-new track “Listen” featuring Otis Junior, serving as the initial single off of her upcoming debut album Embrace.

“Listen” is a blend of Sensu’s background as a classically educated pianist with her years generating hip-hop beats to build a boundary shattering new sound. The single exudes an all as well familiar warmth with Otis Junior’s sweet vocals, gliding more than Sensu’s glitchy beats, whilst her atmospheric chords ebb and flow inside her immaculate production style, placing this young producer in a realm of her personal. The sweet overtone of “Listen,” is backed by starlit synths and whimsical rhythms that simultaneously pack a robust and intense vibe. Alongside a gripping new music video, “Listen” has certainly set the tone for new tunes to come by Sensu.

“The song ‘Listen’ completely represents the style of music I build. It is a track with drum sounds that you could use in a hip-hop track and synthesizer sounds which could be employed in a trance song, so it creates that electronic sound mixed with an organic really feel to it. For the duration of the album course of action I was hunting for a soulful voice for this track and I guess I located the great match on Instagram – Otis Junior from Louisville. He has an completely wonderful and soulful voice which matches the track completely and provides a good warm feeling to it.” – Sensu

The depth of Sensu’s musical scale goes back to her earlier days of dabbling with hip-hop types, providing her an edgy base that transfers more than smoothly to her electronic sounds of now. When her music borrows elements of experimental, electronica, and chillstep, a soulful warmth resonates from every of her productions that locations them in a category all on their personal. Sensu owns a sort of tech-savviness that creates a variety of production methods from creating melodic progressions, to incorporating vocal samples and bass lines, to lastly adding the drum pattern (not the order most producers go with). For Sensu, it performs, and this uniqueness landed her a signing with Universal Music for her Quartz Records label, claiming 2019 as her year to kill the game.

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