Matthew Aimers claims his innocence simply because of wife Kayla’s loyalty


A groom who was charged with sexually assaulting a teen waitress at his wedding has claimed that the reality his wife has stood by him proves his innocence.

Matthew Aimers, 31, was charged in connection to the nightmare nuptials on November 24 final year at a nation club in Philadelphia.

media_cameraMatthew Aimers and his wife, Kayla. Image: Supplied

The groom allegedly propositioned the teenager by saying they could do “whatever you want.”

She told police that he provided her $100 and told her to “kiss him like she suggests it”, adding that the expertise had left her shaken.

media_cameraThe couple at their nightmare nuptials. Image: Supplied

Aimers arrived at court in Pennsylvania yesterday, holding hands with his wife Kayla.

His lawyer claimed that the couple’s united front was proof of his innocence, saying: “If he committed a crime, not even Dr. Phil could preserve them collectively.

“And the reality that they nonetheless are collectively shows that my client is an innocent man.”

media_cameraMatthew Aimers was taken from the wedding reception in handcuffs more than a drunken brawl. Image: AP

Aimers allegedly followed the teen into the women’s bathroom right after she rejected him, pulling her into a stall, exactly where he allegedly groped her and exposed himself.

Police later responded to reports of a fight at the nation club and identified the groom “pushing and punching folks.”

media_cameraAimers lawyer has stated that the reality the couple are nonetheless collectively is proof of the groom’s innocence. Image: Supplied

An employee told officers that Aimers had punched him right after he attempted to cease the groom from bringing alcohol outdoors.

Aimers allegedly known as officers derogatory names and attempted to provoke a fight when they arrived on the scene.

A short struggle ensued ahead of police took Aimers into custody, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

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