Jacob Infante has been grinding tape on the 2019 draft class considering that April 2018. EJ Snyder has been laser-focused on the middle rounds of draft and dropping that accumulated understanding on the Bears More than Beers (@bearsoverbeers) podcast. At some point their opinions on draft-eligible prospects would collide – and a showdown would be needed. This is that time. “Two analysts enter, 1 analyst leaves!” Chant it with us.

Hold up. That all sounds fantastic in the motion pictures, but this is actual life. Right here, I’ve got a ton of respect for Jacob and the function he’s performed. He’s got a good eye and does a tremendous job communicating why he ranks players the way he does. For the reason that of that respect I’m going to give him the opportunity to defend some of his, uhhh, “more questionable” requires from his lately released “Ranking prime 10 prospects at each and every position” piece (which was actually strong, but do not inform him that… let’s just hold it among us). He deserves that a great deal.

Niceties aside, it is time to tussle. Jacob dropped requires and I took offense. I’m fairly positive them’s the guidelines on this right here Online. No one can agree. That getting the case “I’m your huckleberry” Jacob. Let’s do this.

Take #1 – Operating Back: Devine Ozigbo more than Trayveon Williams

Jacob need to have been a Tom Osborne, Husker-loving loyalist in a former life. He need to have been dazzled by Ozigbo’s considerable physique, at practically 220 pounds. I can’t assume any other feasible causes that an individual would appear at Ozigbo’s game film (not his Senior Bowl highlights or his Combine exercise) and rank him anyplace close to (nonetheless More than) a player with as quite a few properly-refined talents as Trayveon Williams. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. You have got some splainin’ to do. Give it your most effective shot… but I’m guessing this kick falls properly brief of the crossbar.

Jacob’s rebuttal:

I truly ended up with a pretty comparable grade on each Trayveon Williams and Devine Ozigbo, so my ranking the former beneath the latter is no disrespect to his game. Williams will be a fantastic player at the subsequent level, and I truly assume that he will finish up finding drafted larger than Ozigbo will.

I really feel that the game among the two backs is insanely compact, but I do admittedly like Ozigbo’s operating style a bit extra. Each backs are fantastic at a lot of issues, in spite of not getting necessarily good in a specific aspect of operating the ball. In terms of ball-carrier vision, they are about the identical. Williams is a superior inside-zone runner who can bounce outdoors of the tackles, even though Ozigbo is a superior outdoors-zone runner who can reduce inside and punish defenders with a potent operating style. Williams is a superior athlete and receiver out of the backfield, although Ozigbo is no slouch in either category. You are truly appropriate in my liking the former Husker’s physique, as I really feel that his bulky and compact frame is capable to provide punishment, as properly as absorb it. His energy benefit, in my opinion, is not as narrow as Williams’ athleticism benefit.

If you are asking for the superior match for the Bears, I’ll take Williams, as he has extra worth on passing downs. Plus, his operating style gives a bit of a middle ground among Tarik Cohen and Mike Davis, whereas Ozigbo draws similarities to Davis as a runner. Even so, the Nebraska back just barely edged him out on my general board.

Take #two – Linebacker: Excluding Germaine Pratt completely

As a Bears fan, I’m not positive how you can appear a freakish athlete with size, who utilised to be a security but them moved to linebacker, and in his only year beginning as an LB dominated his conference… and not channel your personal potent optimistic memories of Brian Urlacher. But somehow you have managed to not only avoiding performing that, but also absolutely stonewalled 1 of the superior ILB’s in this draft off your prime-10 list. And that is saying one thing, simply because the talent at off-ball LB in this specific choice meeting is not awe-inspiring.

Pratt combines tremendous measurables (the guy ran a four.five 40 at 240 pounds) with inspired production for his initial year at his position (he was major the ACC in tackles, possessing in no way played LB ahead of). The only conclusion I can draw from that mixture is that is arrow is pointing up. Waaaay up. But he does not crack your prime-10? Populated by pedestrian players like Joe Giles-Harris? Clarify oneself.

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State

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Jacob’s rebuttal:

I agree with you that this year’s off-ball linebacker class is not especially a good 1. There’s truly an extremely minuscule grade differential among the linebackers ranked No. six by means of No. 12 on my board, so I do think that Germaine Pratt is on a comparable playing field with players I had ranked larger on my board like Blake Cashman and Vosean Joseph. I do see prospective in his game, and the size and speed mixture is absolutely an enticing 1. Even so, even although he has background as a security, I’m honestly underwhelmed with what he gives in coverage.

Pratt’s instincts in zone coverage are fairly disappointing for an individual with encounter in the secondary. He can be a step also slow to diagnose plays coming across the middle, which impacts his capacity to accelerate and make a play on the ball on time. Even then, his lateral agility is not as fantastic as his straight-line speed, and his acceleration coming out of his breaks is not extraordinary for a player who utilised to be a security. I’m also not also sold on his worth as a downhill tackler, as even though he is a reputable tackler who can bring down ball carriers with fantastic type, he can not shed blocks pretty properly and he does not shoot up the appropriate gap at instances.

Nonetheless, I do see the upside in his game. His frame, his tackling capacity and his downhill speed are pretty fantastic foundations for a prospective starter down the line. I just do not see him as the surefire prime-10 linebacker that you do.

Take #three – Security: Jaquan Johnson and Marvell Inform more than Jonathan Abram

Now we’re going to come to blows. Fake, digital, Online blows… but some type of blows are totally needed for a grievance of this level. Jaquan Johnson flashes now and once again but his inconsistency and missed plays extra than balance out his optimistic moments. He’s got prospective but saying he’ll grow to be a worthwhile contributor at the subsequent level is pure projection.

Abram on the other hand is appropriate right here, appropriate now. He a security with size that knows how to use it. That will (predictably and lazily) get him labeled as a “box safety” and only a box security… but there is far extra to his game. He talents remind me of Landon Collins at Alabama (who was incidentally labeled [incorrectly] the identical way) who could provide a blow but is far from helpless when countering the opposition’s pass patterns. 5 years from now I assume you will reside to regret this 1, but share with us why you have selected to die on this specific hill.

Mississippi State v LSU

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Jacob’s rebuttal:

I actually wanted to like Johnathan Abram extra than I did. I saw that some draft analysts have been a great deal larger on him than I was, and I, getting an open-minded individual, was prepared to take an added appear at his tape to see if I missed one thing in my initial go-about. When his grade did enhance the extra I watched him, I just couldn’t fall in completely really like with him.

Abram is an alpha character who plays with a physical edge and lowers the boom with impressive closing speed. He requires fantastic angles to ball carriers and plays with a nonstop motor. My concern with him, although, is that he was severely underwhelming in coverage. He can accelerate properly downhill, but his hips are not pretty fluid and his path-altering skills are pedestrian. His instincts in coverage are strong, but he lacks the variety and explosiveness to get to the ball and make plays, and his mere two interceptions at the collegiate level reflect that. Plus, even though his motor is absolutely a plus in his game, he requirements to function on playing beneath handle as a tackler: he has a proclivity to arm tackle on occasion. I do see him as a starter in the NFL, but he’s far from the fringe initial-round prospect some assume he is.

Jaquan Johnson has some traits in prevalent with Abram, as they are each physical, downhill tacklers who can hit difficult on a common basis, and they are each alpha personalities on the field. They also each have comparable lateral athleticism issues in my book, as Johnson’s variety in coverage does not stand out. Exactly where Johnson has Abram beat is that his processing capacity is just a tad faster, permitting him to make some plays on the ball that Abram can not usually make. The former Hurricane plays with extra handle as a downhill tackler, as properly.

As for Marvell Inform, I see a ton of upside in his game, prompting such a higher ranking on my board. When he requirements function as a tackler and lacks physicality when engaging with blockers, I’m a large fan of the prospective he gives in coverage. His six-foot-two, 198-pound frame provides him tantalizing security for the security position. He tested amongst the most effective defensive backs in this year’s draft class in the broad jump, the 3-cone drill and the 20-yard shuttle at the Combine, and that athleticism is apparent on tape. Inform can flip his hips, modify path laterally and accelerate out of his breaks all at a higher level. He has a future in the NFL as a cost-free security who can be trusted in single-higher coverage, and his ceiling is as higher as any security in this class if he adds a physical dimension to his game.

EJ’s PS: I’m with you that Marvell has fantastic breaks and modify of path. I truly assume his future is at CB not security, and (spoiler alert)… it may perhaps finish up getting with the Seahawks.

There you have it: 3 points and counterpoints on players the Bears may possibly contemplate in the 2019 NFL Draft. What do you assume? Drop your personal reactions about these players (or positions) in the comment section beneath.

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