If you do not want any spoilers about the Chilling Adventures second season finale, do not study any additional, OK?

The second season of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ends with a coronation ceremony of hellish proportions. Whilst operating with Sabrina and her loved ones and buddies to defeat the Dark Lord soon after he returns to his human type, Principal Wardwell — Miss Lilith if you happen to be nasty! — devises a program to bind him to one more human vessel and bring him back down to Hell so he can not continue wreaking havoc on the mortal globe. Sabrina’s boyfriend, Nicolas Scratch, requires 1 for the group and volunteers to be the vessel he does this to save the globe, confident — but largely due to the fact he feels like a total d*ck for agreeing to operate for the Dark Lord to influence Sabrina in the 1st spot. And as it turns out, the history behind the name Nicholas Scratch could have been a clue to his satanic devotion (and hellish fate) all along.

In old-timey New England (you know, exactly where the Salem witch trials took spot!), the devil became colloquially identified by euphemisms like Old Nick, Old Scratch, and Mr. Scratch due to the “nicking” and “scratching” that his cruel influence could inflict on one’s soul. To this day, my personal New England-born mother utilizes the name Mr. Scratch to refer to any individual who says they are “playing the devil’s advocate” in an argument — so you possibly see exactly where I am going with this.

1st, let’s head back to 1824, when essayist Washington Irving wrote the quick story “The Devil and Tom Walker.” The tale follows a greedy, selfish New England man and his equally greedy wife who primarily sell their souls to the devil, who is referred to all through as “Old Scratch.”

The devil became colloquially identified by euphemisms like Old Nick, Old Scratch, and Mr. Scratch due to the “nicking” and “scratching” that his cruel influence could inflict on one’s soul.

It heavily influenced a poet named Stephen Vincent Benét, who in the 1930s wrote his personal quick story referred to as “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” In it, a New Hampshire farmer also sells his soul to the devil — who also refers to himself as “Mr. Scratch” — and is defended by a fictional version of the renowned lawyer and US statesman Daniel Webster. You could possibly even try to remember that Webster also shows up in Chilling Adventures as the lawyer who represents Sabrina for the duration of her trial against the Dark Lord in season one’s “The Trial of Sabrina Spellman.”

Back to Nicholas Scratch: soon after taking on the type of a hot, naked fallen angel, the Dark Lord confesses to Sabrina that he tasked Nick with receiving close to her so she would devote herself to the church and keep on the path of evening. You could say that by accepting this act of devotion to the Dark Lord, Nick was really actually playing the devil’s advocate. Sabrina is furious and feels utterly betrayed by her boyfriend, of course, so Nick begs for her forgiveness and insists that his feelings for her are true. He even goes the further mile by supplying to be the human vessel for the Dark Lord, figuring out he’ll be taken away from the mortal globe and possibly by no means see Sabrina once more. Has a man ever gone that far to apologize? I extremely doubt it!

Theories emerged for the duration of season 1 that Nick was the devil himself, largely due to the origins of his character’s name as effectively as his undeniable charm and wit. Whilst we now know that is not totally accurate, it nevertheless fits, offered that the devil is living in Nick’s physique. His name could have been the largest feasible clue about his accurate leanings and connection with the Dark Lord — and judging by Sabrina’s program to “go to Hell” and get her boyfriend back, it seems she’s either forgiven him or at least desires a lot more answers.