Ex Get in touch with the Midwife star Charlotte Ritchie on her spooky new comedy Ghosts


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Charlotte Ritchie on seeing ghosts in her new BBC1 sitcom Ghosts, which begins on Monday, and how she’s enjoying watching Get in touch with the Midwife…

Sadly, for fans of Get in touch with the Midwife, there’s no opportunity of significantly-loved nurse Barbara Hereward returning from the dead following her heartbreaking demise in the seventh series of the hit show. But for Charlotte Ritchie, who played the newlywed midwife, her most current Television function suggests becoming surrounded by dead individuals!

In BBC1’s new comedy series Ghosts, written by and starring the group behind the award-winning shows Horrible Histories and Yonderland, Charlotte plays Alison, who unexpectedly inherits a crumbling stately dwelling known as Button Residence from a distant relative.

Barbara in Call the Midwife

Charlotte Ritchie as poor Barbara in Get in touch with the Midwife

Alison and her husband Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) instantly determine to do the location up and run it as a hotel.

But what they do not realise is that Button Residence is currently occupied by the spirits of some of the individuals who’ve died there more than the centuries and who do not want any person else in their ancestral dwelling.

Their attempts to scare the new owners into leaving prove unsuccessful but then 1 of them unintentionally pushes Alison out of a window and she technically dies for a handful of minutes. The outcome of her accident is that she now has the potential to see the ghosts, which shocks them as significantly as it shocks her!

Right here ex Get in touch with the Midwife star Charlotte Ritchie, 29, tells us all about her ghostly adventure in BBC1 comedy Ghosts…

How do Alison and her husband really feel about inheriting this run-down nation pile?

Charlotte Ritchie: “Until they get there, they have no notion what’s in retailer. They just assume, ‘Cool, we’ll paint it, place some low cost beds in and we’ll have a hotel.’ They are definitely ambitious but also pretty naive.”

When Alison can see them, what’s her attitude towards the ghosts?

CR: “I like how promptly the spirits turn into annoying as opposed to scary. They are quite negative at haunting anyway and after the initial shock is out of the way, they are just actual pains. They are often beneath her feet and they’re often asking Alison for items. But she becomes pretty fond of them in the finish.”


There’s a lot of strange goings on in Ghosts!

Did you have any ghostly experiences though filming?

CR: “No, I didn’t. There have been so a lot of pretend ghosts bustling about, there was no space for actual ghosts! Some of the rooms in the residence [medieval manor house West Horsley Place in Surrey] did have pretty weird energies, but I didn’t see or hear any ghosts or something like that. And I by no means have. When we filmed Get in touch with the Midwife, I believed that residence was haunted but had no proof.”

Do you nevertheless appreciate watching Get in touch with the Midwife?

CR: “I am functioning my way via the final series. I believed it would be also sad, but I’m really loving it. It feels definitely nostalgic and beautiful to watch it. Weirdly, I really feel a bit like a ghost mainly because primarily that is what’s occurred. I really feel like Barbara is watching every person in Poplar going about their lives without having her, but they do not know that.”

Do you nevertheless see the cast?

CR: “I do, I do! I like them so significantly. I really feel so grateful that I got to make all these close friends on that show. It is a definitely superb cast and I attempt to see them as significantly as we can. I’m in touch with Emerald Fennell, who played Patsy, even though she’s living in LA now, and Kate Lamb, who played Delia, plus Helen George [Trixie], Victoria Yeates [Sister Winifred], Linda Bassett [Phyllis], Jenny Agutter [Sister Julienne] and Leonie Elliott [Lucille].”