Russia Is Hacking The Worldwide Navigation Satellite Technique (GNSS) On A Huge Scale


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The Kerch bridge connects Russia and Europe. Dozens of ships navigating about it have been sent false place information by the Russians. Google Maps / VMorozoff – Wikimapia, CC

Small business Insider: The Russians are screwing with the GPS program to send bogus navigation information to thousands of ships

* The Russians are hacking the international navigation satellite program (GNSS) on a mass scale in order to confuse thousands of ships and airplanes about exactly where they are, according to a study by Centre for Sophisticated Defense (C4AD).
* Law enforcement, shipping, airlines, energy stations, your telephone, and something else dependent on GPS time and place synchronization, are vulnerable to GNSS hacking.
* All of Britain’s essential infrastructure is dependent on GNSS and GPS, according to a report commissioned by the UK Space Agency.
* Russian president Putin’s summer time dacha is protected by a GNSS spoofing array that aids make a no-fly zone more than his vast Italian-style mansion.
* GNSS jamming gear fees $300.

On Could 15, 2018, below a sunny sky, Russian President Vladimir Putin drove a vibrant orange truck in a convoy of building autos for the opening of the Kerch Bridge from Russia to Crimea. At 11 miles lengthy, it is now the longest bridge in either Europe or Russia.

As Putin drove across the bridge, some thing weird occurred. The satellite navigation systems in the manage rooms of much more than 24 ships anchored nearby abruptly began displaying false facts about their place. Their GPS systems told their captains they have been anchored much more than 65 kilometres away — on land, at the Anapa Airport.

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WNU Editor: This kind of hacking is what I get in touch with playing with fire.

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