BONNIE X CLYDE Release Official Music Video for Ultra Music Debut “The Superior Life” –


BONNE X CLYDE embrace a catchy, pop-infused, nostalgic aesthetic in debut Ultra Music release “The Superior Life” and it is accompanying music video

Bonnie X Clyde (genuine names Daniel Litman and Paige Lopynski) are an American electronic dance duo that formed in 2015. The group has a hugely special sound focused on the fusion involving electropop, synthpop, residence and trap music, an eclectic mix confident to satisfy a wide wide variety of dance music lovers.

Immediately after releasing their hit single “Rise Above” in 2016, they followed it up with their song “Bass Jam” which went #1 on Sirius XM. As of 2018, soon after lots of festivals, shows, and tour appearances later, BONNIE X CLYDE have signed their debut single with Ultra Music, a release that is aptly titled “The Superior Life.” Reminding us to reside our life to the fullest, “The Superior Life” is a moving, emotion-laden track with a difficult-hitting, groovy beat and a timeless, sentimental message.