Kanchana three director Raghava Lawrence challenges a warning to Seeman and his political celebration – study right here


Actor-director Raghava Lawrence issued a warning to Seeman and his political celebration members in a lengthy Facebook post which he penned down in Tamil. Lawrence warned them and asked them to keep out of his way, and asked them not to force him to extremes. “Your celebration functionaries are unnecessarily commenting in a incredibly low-priced manner about my philanthropic activities in social media platforms. They are outright crass and vulgar. This has brought on a lot of mental agony for me. When I participate in a public function, your celebration individuals come there and speak in unparliamentary words. All these have begun given that the time when you began badmouthing about me in your meetings. I do not care about these items. But differently-abled individuals who I am taking care, your individuals continue to harass them wherever they go by means of their words and actions,” wrote Lawrence on his Facebook web page in Tamil.

“I can tolerate what ever takes place to me but I cannot when it comes to my young children who are differently-abled and also my fans. I do not know something in politics and I am a zero in it. Earlier on, I was a zero in dancing but I learnt the art. I had been a zero in path but I learnt it as well. I was also a zero in production but now I have learnt it. So, do not make me find out politics. I will find out it and turn out to be a hero in it. You speak a lot but I serve a lot. If each of us sit in a stage and list out the superior items that we have accomplished to society, I will have numerous,” continued Lawrence.

According to reports in Tamil media, Lawrence has been attempting to ignore the happenings in the final handful of months but has now no patience to stand all these. On the operate front, Lawrence is gearing up for the release of Kanchana three which is a horror thriller. This film is the fourth installment from the Muni franchise and attributes Lawrence, Oviya and Vedhika in lead roles. Watch the trailer of Kanchana three right here ICYMI…

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