Pictures from the subsequent episode of Game of Thrones have been released, and it appears like Winterfell is gearing up for a fight. Lyanna Mormont is dressed for battle, Grey Worm and Missandei appear intense, everybody is standing about, hunting intense. There’s a tease of Jaime’s trial, and Raven-Bran becoming an unsettling mixture of nonetheless and weird. (Raven-Bran is my new favored, he’s so goddamn weird now it is delightful. He’s the Orin of Westeros.) There is also a shot of Samwell Tarly providing Jon Snow a quite clear and indisputable WTF face. Why do we consider Sam is providing Jon WTF face?

Undoubtedly Jon just mentioned anything stupid. That is what Jon Snow does—he knows practically nothing, and says stupid sh-t. So what do we consider he mentioned? Do we consider he came up with a dumb battle program? He’s supposed to be some type of battle genius, but the show has never ever as soon as backed that up, so perhaps he has a dumb program for the coming fight at Winterfell. Or did he refuse to out his correct parentage and Sam is annoyed Jon will not stake his claim more than Daenerys? Daenerys burns individuals who get in her way, it would in fact be wise of Jon not to come correct out with his genuine claim to the throne. Or did Sam discover out that Jon has been banging his aunt? Is this the face of a man who just located out his ideal bud is banging his aunt, who is also the murderess of mentioned man’s household? I actually cannot wait for Sam’s reaction when he finds out about Jon and Daenerys. 

Also, Gilly returns! And Tiny Sam is like a complete tiny individual now! I am ready for the eventuality that everybody on this show will die—even the dragons, let’s face it, they’re going to die, as well, everybody will die—but my secret want is that Sam and Gilly survive and go off to get started a household. Sam can be lord of what ever and he can marry Gilly and they can raise Tiny Sam in the 1 sane, sensible household in Westeros. I do not consider there will be sufficient individuals left to care about his marrying a Wildling, so he and Gilly can reside happily ever soon after. GIVE ME THIS, GODDAMMIT. As for my fave Raven-Bran, I do consider he’ll survive, although technically Brandon Stark is currently gone and Raven-Bran is going to be like, subsumed into a tree or what ever it is the 3-Eyed Raven does. All I know is I have not had practically sufficient of Raven-Bran’s Goth phase, and I need to have a complete lot extra of him lurking about Winterfell, scaring the bejebus out of everybody.