A Appear at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on April 24, 2019


Iranian papers nowadays broadly covered the world’s reaction to a choice by the Trump administration to cease issuing waivers for the importers of Iran’s crude oil.

Also a best story was the Iranian Parliament’s move to pass a quantity of laws against the US’ blacklisting of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

The above challenges, as nicely as quite a few additional, are highlighted in the following headlines and best stories:



1- Saudi Arabia Welcomes US’ Move Not to Renew Iran Waivers

two- Kuwait: No Hope for Finish of Conflicts in Area

three- Iran Parliament Passes Laws to Counter US Threats

four- EU Regrets US’ Choice Not to Extend Iran Sanctions Waivers


Aftab-e Yazd:

1- Iranian Planes to Have Much more Issues for Refueling

* Lebanon, Some Arab Nations Generating Troubles

two- Iran to Wait for 2020 Elections in US: Sherman


Besharat-e Now:

1- Trump’s Oil Gamble: Planet Watching White House’s Choice with Concern

two- Zarif: Inheritors of Ancient Persian Civilization Do not Rely on Foreigners’ Assistance

three- Trump Developed Significant Dangers for Planet Safety: Iran DM



1- Oil Value at Highest Level This Year

two- Iran to Legally Pursue US’ Move to Block Flow of Money Help to Iranian Flood Victims



1- Trump’s Dream Will not Come Accurate, We’ll Bypass Sanctions

* Parliament Convinced by Oil Minister’s Responses

two- Iran’s Oil Not to Be Removed [Editorial]



1- Russian Jet Fighters Pound Nusra Front’s Strategic Positions in Syria

two- US CENTCOM Designated Terrorist by Iran Parliament

three- We’ll Do What ever We Can to Break US Sanctions: Minister



1- Diplomatic Deadlock: Impacts of US Choice to Cease Issuing Oil Waivers

two- Kim’s Appear at Putin: North Korean, Russian Leaders to Meet amid Ambiguous Fate of US Talks



1- Pompeo: We’re Proud of Robbing, Lying, Cheating

two- Planet Did Not Cooperate with US Plots Iran Partners Opposed to Oil Sanctions


Mardom Salari:

1- Oil Costs at Highest Level This Year soon after Trump’s Choice

two- US Congress Chief Opposed to Democrats’ Contact for Trump Impeachment



1- Imran Khan, Brother of Iran, Buddy of Saudi Arabia


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