As (arguably) the Buffalo Rumblings contributor with the least quantity of consideration paid to college football and draft prospects, I’m normally a bit out of my element this time of year. On the other hand, psychology and analytics are correct up my alley.

Though NFL front offices have vast sources at their disposal, none of them can modify time. The intense stress of obtaining it correct come draft time tends to make it unlikely teams can get also cute about producing smoke screens devoid of considerably minimizing the quantity of time they can meet with draft prospects (that is the psychology component). Let’s quantify the visits to develop a rough parallel of time spent and see exactly where the Buffalo Bills have been focusing their consideration (the analytics component).

Note: This chart shows the quantity of visits/meetings by position group. Player counts are commonly related as the Bills didn’t meet with numerous prospects far more than when. For instance, the 14 meetings with receivers had been spread out amongst twelve players.

Raw Numbers

The Bills have met with players from just about every single position, but as the chart shows there are some wild disparities. Mitch Morse’s position at center appears even far more locked in prior to for instance. The lone quarterback was Tyree Jackson in the course of a regional exercise. Will Casey Bednarski finish up in Buffalo? It is attainable, but there does not appear to be an overwhelming wish to add a kicker.

Going strictly by numbers we can see wide receivers have had the most consideration with 14 visits. This is followed closely by offensive tackle and defensive finish, and then defensive tackle. If we take into consideration scheme, the outdoors linebacker group could probably be combined with the defensive finish group as an “edge rusher” model. Below that assumption this position group requires the lead.

Star Energy

If you haven’t looked at Dan Lavoie’s pay a visit to tracker but, do oneself a favor and verify it out right here. Opening this in a second tab is encouraged for swift reference. The information is a fantastic start off but if we’re worried about who the Bills will choose 1st it’d be valuable to see how numerous players in every group have commonly received 1st round grades.

Really feel free of charge to peruse the names on the tracker linked above but, if you’d rather not, here’s a swift rundown. The offensive tackles group has a brief list of prominent names. Compared to the wide receiver and edge rusher groups even though, there’s no comparison. With a number of star energy names on each of these lists, they would seem to be the 1st round targets.

College Spirit

Yet another prospective objective of meeting with players is to acquire insight into a teammate. Seeing a school’s name repeatedly is a attainable indicator of this behavior. Quite a few schools come up a handful of occasions. The Bills met with 3 players every from Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma.

The leading two, even though, are Penn State and Ole Miss. Each schools had 5 players meet with the Bills. The names attached to Penn State do not appear to recommend 1st round. There’s also the truth this college is regarded regional for the Bills and does not count against their 30 visits. The higher quantity could just be an indicator that Buffalo looked to take benefit of this truth.

The Ole Miss names stand out, even though. In addition to D.K. Metcalf and A.J. Brown, the Bills met with a third wide receiver, a tight finish, and an offensive tackle. I’ll let absolutely everyone come to their personal conclusions, but it is an intriguing list for a quantity of factors. With two prospective 1st-round wide receivers headlining the list there appears to be a tiny smoke in this path.


The Bills set themselves up nicely to take the most effective player offered with the ninth choose. The two roles they appear keen on acquiring a 1st-round talent are wide receiver and edge rusher. A lot of pre-draft conjecture suggests the Bills may have to have to trade up to land an elite edge rusher. Brandon Beane is not averse to generating a deal. Buffalo also seems to be nicely-positioned in case a star defensive players slides down the board.

Primarily based on the information, even though, the protected funds appears to be at wide receiver. In addition to the numbers game alone, the Bills appear to have been circling about a player or two in unique. D.K. Metcalf and A.J. Brown appear to be probably targets.

Rounding out the list the Bills have carried out some homework on guards, defensive tackles, and cornerbacks. It shouldn’t be a surprise if the Bills exit the draft with players at these positions. A premiere tight finish has been on numerous fans’ want lists. It is attainable there’s a quite certain target there (probably Noah Fant if so) or Buffalo didn’t really feel meetings had been important to gauge this group. Or alternatively it is not as significantly of a priority to the group.

Really feel free of charge to revisit this following the draft to see if it pans out. Here’s the 1 from final year if you want to see how it went.