We’ve spent a couple of weeks breaking down the prospective picks for the Buffalo Bills at ninth general, but what if the Bills are interested in reaching greater for their initial-round choose? One particular player in this draft class seemingly fits the measurement thresholds, production, and traits that are precisely what this defensive unit is missing. How does he hold up below the microscope? These days in the film space, let’s appear at Quinnen Williams—the defensive tackle from Alabama.

Williams is, general, a good athlete for a defensive tackle, as his four.83 40-yard dash indicated. He’s not in the identical league as Ed Oliver and Aaron Donald, who are the definition of “freak” athletes, but his athletic gifts stand out nonetheless. This is a player who has added possibilities for effect plays since of his speed and strength.

What quickly stood out to me when watching Williams is that he often knows exactly where the ball is. Misdirection does not fool him, and neither does a moving pocket. But he’s not just conscious of exactly where the play is going he is also acutely conscious of what the very best angle of attack will be. I regularly saw Williams set up a two-way study for the operating back, hold back the offensive lineman, and make the tackle exactly where the operating back headed.

He was capable to do this since he’s so dang sturdy. Perhaps not in the sense of a bulldozer who drags linemen out of the way, but extra as an immovable boulder. Each his upper physique and his core had been sturdy sufficient to handle a single lineman and hold his ground against a double group. I didn’t see quite a few plays exactly where he outright collapsed the pocket with a bull rush, but I assume that is due to the quantity of double teams he faced. Regardless, this is a player who will handle the line of scrimmage in the NFL.

When Williams hits a player with a punch, he’s knocking them onto their heels. He also has a strong array of pass-rushing moves to operate with. I saw a good hump move, a rip, and a spin utilised as a secondary work. Nevertheless, by far his favourite move was the swim (arm-more than). He outright steals the souls of linemen with that move. He runs it very cleanly, and it is a good match for his speed and energy. It is his leading method for splitting double teams.

Williams plays with outstanding pad level. He’s commonly the low man on every play. That interest to detail (along with his good pass-rushing moves) speaks volumes about his operate ethic and the high-quality of coaching he received. Also highlighting that are his performances as the season went on as he faced tougher competitors. In the second half of the season, Williams had 11 of his 19.five TFLs and six.five of his eight sacks. When playing leading-25 teams, Williams had 7 TFLs and three.five sacks (in 5 games).

Williams might have emerged from obscurity at Alabama’s defender factory (as obscure as a 4-star recruit could be), but by the finish of his redshirt sophomore season there was no doubt that he was the very best player on the defense. He might not be an elite athlete, but he’s nevertheless a extremely superior one—and the level of technical polish (and sophisticated mental game) he displayed is extraordinary for such a young player.

Williams has traits that would let him to excel as either a nose tackle or a 3-method disruptor tackle. In the Buffalo Bills’ rotation-heavy four-three scheme, he’d be uniquely worthwhile. It is fair to take into consideration that he may be the leading player on Buffalo’s board, and that they may be prepared to trade up for him in the ideal situation. Not to mention, he’d fill the team’s missing Williams quotient in extra approaches than one particular.