Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Movie

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1 of this week’s tabloids claims Scarlett Johansson is refusing to diet regime or workout for her part in the upcoming Avengers spinoff that will center on her Black Widow character. The story is absolutely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to OK!, the actress “is preparing to reduce corners” when it comes to filming her initially solo superhero film. An alleged insider tells the outlet that as an alternative of dieting and functioning out, the actress is going to leave the heavy lifting to her stunt doubles.

“Scarlett’s no health club rat,” says a supposed supply, who additional contends that Johansson “has no interest in gaining muscle or mastering new fight moves just for a film.” The alleged tipster adds, “She desires to leave the harmful stuff to the pros and concentrate far more on the script and casting, and fortunately she and the Marvel bosses are seeing eye to eye.”

The tabloid’s story is pretty illogical. Johansson has opened up in interviews about undergoing comprehensive education for all of the Avengers motion pictures. Why specifically would she quit now that her character will ultimately be front and center? Moreover, it is not specifically as if Johansson wants to commence from scratch to get into shape. The actress is coming off the heels of Avengers: Endgame, and Women’s Wellness magazine even published an write-up about how “toned” Johansson looked at the film’s red carpet premiere on Monday evening.

It is also worth noting, there have been dozens of articles more than the years detailing the actress’s several diet regime and fitness routines for her action motion pictures outdoors of the Marvel universe, such as Ghost in the Shell and Lucy. When Johansson was asked in an interview about her “strict” exercise regimen to prepare for roles, the actress mentioned, “I really appreciate that discipline. It aids me concentrate on my job.” It is clear the actress is committed to her perform, regardless of the tabloid alleging she’s attempting to “cut corners.”

Regardless of the magazine’s story getting baseless, Gossip Cop nonetheless checked in with a supply close to the predicament, who confirms there’s no truth to it. In truth, OK! has currently confirmed to have tiny insight into the actress’s involvement in the Marvel franchise. Back in 2017, we referred to as out the publication for falsely claiming Johansson had refused to dye her hair red for the final two Avengers sequels.

The bogus story was written merely simply because the Black Widow character has blonde hair in the third and fourth installments of the franchise, in contrast to in the preceding motion pictures. The issue with the phony write-up, nonetheless, is that Johansson under no circumstances really dyed her hair red for any of the other films. The actress had worn an array of wigs in the preceding installments. The tabloid’s most recent write-up, which targets the actress’s physique as an alternative of her hair colour, is similarly untrue.