Una Healy says Ben Foden “hasn’t stated something damaging” about new breakup song


Una Healy

Una Healy has revealed that her ex husband Ben Foden hasn’t stated something terrible about her new song Strangers.

The song lays bare the discomfort that Una felt right after it was alleged that her husband cheated on her.

It consists of the lyrics: “Did you seriously care for me like you are supposed to?/Empty, each word you stated to me was empty/Broken each guarantee that you produced me/No, we cannot save this.”

“I haven’t heard from him at all about it but he has usually been supportive of my music – he hasn’t stated something damaging about it,” Una told the Herald.

Pic: VIP Ireland
Pic: VIP Ireland

Nevertheless, the singer adds that the lyrics are not as well individual and that she felt she didn’t give away something a lot more that he had currently stated.

“There is absolutely nothing revealing in the song that he hasn’t described himself in interviews. I wasn’t out to bash him, it is just the sad aspect of it that you are just like that stranger once again right after all these years with each other,” she explained.

Una says that lots of individuals have gotten in touch to say that they can relate to the song.

“The song is so raw and emotional. The finest issue about it is when individuals say it is assisting them. A lot of individuals go by means of the similar issue as me and I know I am dealing with it properly but it is not quick, we can all assistance every single other by means of it,” she stated.

Una was on hand at the Fairyhouse races in Dunboyne castle to judge finest dressed lady, exactly where she sported a gorgeous Ted Baker dress.


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