Joe Giudice Scores Victory as Judge Postpones Deportation, Plus Teresa Giudice Responds to Backlash After Asking Fans to Sign Petition for Joe

Joe Giudice ultimately has some fantastic news this morning following a federal judge postponed his deportation. Also under, Teresa Giudice is responding to some backlash following she asked fans to sign a petition for Joe.

According to a new report, the Genuine Housewives of New Jersey husband scored a tiny legal victory currently in his appeal case with regards to his deportation order to leave the United States and move to his native nation Italy.

Final week, following Joe’s appeal got denied, his lawyers filed an appeal and The Blast is now reporting a judge granted a keep on April 25, which means Joe’s removal from the nation has been temporarily halted till the court hears his case. 

The keyword right here on the other hand is ‘temporary’ as his battle to cease his deportation all collectively continues. It is presently unknown if Joe will get to leave his present ICE detention center to go property whilst waiting for the court to take up his case.

This news comes just days following Joe’s oldest daughter, 18-year-old Gia Giudice, made a petition, in hopes that the president may pardon Joe.

Teresa, who is organizing to divorce Joe, took to her Instagram web page this week to share the ‘Bring Joe Home’ petition with her fans. She was on the other hand met with some backlash from her followers who wondered why she supported President Trump, who has taken a sturdy stance against immigration. 

“Please aid our household by signing this petition, the bond & closeness I have with my father I hope & pray my girls have with Joe. Adore to you all,” Teresa wrote in the caption of her post on April 24.

“Where was this power for the Mexican households that Trump (who you supported) separated? Not only your household matters Teresa,” wrote one particular of her followers.

“I in no way mentioned that,” responded Teresa. “All households matter.”

Teresa Giudice responds to backlash over Joe Deportation

Gia launched her petition on Adjust.org days ago and so far, it is received more than 52,000 signatures.

Joe served a 41-month term at the FCI Allenwood Low in Allenwood, Pennsylvania and was released from the prison in March. Nevertheless, for the reason that a judge ordered his deportation in October of final year, Joe was promptly taken into custody by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and transferred to an immigration detention center in western Pennsylvania.

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