Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction – Episode 11 Blog Party

So, now we have all returning castaways sitting over there on Extinction Island. I guess that technically gives at least one of them a shot at getting back in the game for the win. To be honest, I’m a bit surprised they weren’t targeted and picked off one by one right from the get-go. I’m never sure why reality shows think it’s a good thing to have a few returning players join in with a new cast. They never make it to the end. I’m not keen on “all star” versions of the shows, either. But, at least, that creates a more even playing field.

I’ll be live blogging the major events as they air here on the East Coast. Refresh this page to get the latest news! Y’all know the party is in the comments below, right? Feel free to join in! Up here it ain’t no party, ain’t no disco, ain’t no foolin’ around. Okay, maybe a little fooling around …

A post for The Amazing Race is sitting in the wings ready to pop up before that show airs. If you’re watching both shows, head on over there at the end of this one!

Here’s the latest update on the blog pool (they need to get some of these folks outta there!) —

Aurora McCreary — Ed in Ohio, marthalight
Dan DaSilva “Wardog” — Jackie, Nana in the NW
Gavin Whitson — Brenda, KelseyNY
Julie Rosenberg — Delee, MikesGirl
Lauren O’Connell — Brian, Krysta Gibbon, Sharon N.
Rick Devins — Auntie Leigh, Merrilee 
Ron Clark — Cherry Pie, Judi Sweeney, Rochelle
Victoria Baamonde — Indiana Jane, Karen in VS, SueGee

Jury & Extinction
Reem Daly — David, Terry is a Texan, Sharon C
Chris Underwood — Glenn Allen, Laurie
Aubry Bracco * — Cheryl in NC, Margo, Petals
Eric Hafemann — Bizarro22, Pinky, Shannon
Joe Anglim * — Carol C, Kismet
Julia Carter — Donna in FL, Monty924, Jennifer
David Wright * — Dr_Celine, PDX Granny, Renee Buck
Kelley Wentworth * — Donna in NY, Jenna G.

Survivor fans ready?

We start as Kelley arrives at Extinction. Of course, Lauren is missing her back at camp. She’s saying Ron and Wardog flipped. She’s uncertain who she can work with now. Wardog’s way of working things has alienated many — Gavin is angry and wants him targeted. Ron told Julie about the extra vote in order to get back in her good graces. It looks like it just might work.

Rick think he, Ron and Wardog need each other in the game. They think they’re each other’s biggest threat and biggest hope to stay in the game. They think the others will go for them any chance they get. it seems like Aurora is their main target … at least for now.

To a REWARD challenge. They have to swim, dive, go under a platform, retrieve three rings and first team to get rings on target wins. It’s a trip away to a feast and showers and stuff.

Lauren, Wardog, Rick, Julie  (Blue) versus Ron, Gavin, Victoria and Aurora (Yellow) in a schoolyard pick. 

Blue wins it no thanks to another poor challenge performance by Wardog.

We have a trip to Extinction. Kelley is mad at herself for not trusting her gut and using the idol. Reem is thrilled that Kelley finally got voted out. Kelley apologizes to her but Reem is still ticked. After all, Kelley was instrumental in getting her voted out. Time for introspection time for Kelley. Um, okay. 

Back at camp, the ones who lost the reward have some bonding time. They’re talking taking out Rick. Gavin wants to get closer to Aurora. Ron accused Aurora of being the “Rice Nazi.” He tells us she gets on his last nerve.

But the Reward people are having a wonderful time. They’re spreading mud bath on each other, talk about bonding. They got to play in a hot spring. Rick doesn’t think Lauren or Julie are serious players. They’re wrong. However, Julie and Lauren are bonding a bit. But Lauren thinks Rick is the most dangerous while Julie wants to take out Wardog.

Immunity Challenge time! Race over obstacle carrying buoy, go through tunnel with buoy, then buoy through netting, keys, unlock locks, puzzle.

Rick wins Immunity again! His only real competition was Aurora. Gavin is sure Wardog will be going tonight. I’m not as sure.

Lots of scuttlebutt about Wardog going home. But it’s also leaning towards Aurora. Aurora is certainly the better physical competitor. Lauren is torn — she thinks she needs to do what’s best for her own game. Aurora is contemplating using her extra vote advantage. She might need it.

Off to Tribal Council! Jeff asks Wardog about the atmosphere back at camp. He says that all are talking and Gavin claims Wardog talks at him, not to him, so now they don’t talk. Ohh … Wardog threw Ron under the bus with Kelley ouster and Ron said it was true. They’re already working the jury. 

The tally — 
Aurora, Wardog, Aurora, Wardog, Wardog, Wardog, Wardog …

So, my pool pick Wardog bites the Extinction. Yes, he heads to Extinction … of course. He’s a Wardog.

Next week is the “loved ones” episode. Never my favorite, but they don’t ask me.