Gird your brains and ears for a multimedia onslaught of cool shit from Chondritic Sound in the coming weeks.

Their 2019 lineup has IT ALL, baby:

• Contact mics and musical instruments from Verdant Weapons and FOUR NEW TAPES, baby!!

• A podcast about MERZBOW, baby!!!

• Possibly some distortion pedals IN THE FUTURE, baby!!!!

The Verdant Weapons stuff includes waterproof contact mics geared toward noise musicians in a number of cable lengths and in both “standard” and “extra tough” flavors, depending on the amount of abuse you put your mics through. Order one (or more) of those weapons here.

Additionally, Verdant Weapons has released an instrument — the Dead Man’s Line — which is an aluminum shaker box filled with small black stones and ball bearings, plus a couple bolted-on springs a standard 1/4” output jack. Watch a video of the thing in action, plus order one (or many, many more) here.

ALSO: The Merzbow podcast (cleverly named Merzcast) is six eps deeps and features noise musicians and fans as well as Chondritic Sound’s staff listening to one Merzbow album per episode and analyzing it from a number of angles. It’s available, per press release “in all the big podcast repositories.”

LASTLY BUT NOT LEASTLY(?): how about those four new tapes? They are:

• Smokey Emery’s droning and looping End Times Forever (order it here).

• The “junk noise” of Unexamine’s Lower Animal (order it here).

• Industrial techno artist JT Whitfield’s Complacent (order it here).

• Sissy Spacek’s Billions and Billions, in its third pressing since its original 2013 releases. (Order it here).