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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Time to gear up for another explosive week in daytime drama! Will “Kevin” finally get exposed? Who in the land of Port Charles could be pregnant? Is Franco going to be able to get through the predicament he’s in? Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of February 18, 2019.

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9. Carly Receives “Surprising” Proof

GH spoilers tease that Carly will be on the receiving end of some shocking evidence. Could this be about the Ferncliff patient she’s obsessed with, or will it be about something else? GH spoilers are pointing to the idea that Carly is pregnant, and she’ll be finding this out soon, so perhaps she takes a pregnancy to test that comes out positive this week.

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8. Franco Drags His Heels

GH spoilers indicate that Franco will feel reluctant about something this week. Jordan is already starting to feel that she’s nabbed the wrong guy. Could the Port Chuckles PD be looking for Franco to help them trap the real serial killer? Franco may feel uneasy about being a pawn (again) in this dangerous game.

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7. Dante’s Whereabouts

GH spoilers hint that Sonny will ponder over his suspicions. It seems as if he doesn’t truly believe what Robert’s told him about Dante’s mission, and he’ll contemplate the situation this week. In other related spoilers, Anna will be given some surprising new information about why she went blind and this mysterious virus she has.

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6. Ryan/Kevin Showdown

Gear up for some incredible drama! GH spoilers suggest a huge showdown between twins Kevin and Ryan. “Kevin” will head to Ferncliff for a visit and drop in on his brother. Seems as if the two will have a huge confrontation set for some time this week. Should be an interesting watch.

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5. Willow Spends Time With Brad

GH spoilers suggest that Willow will try and spend some more time with Brad this week, clearly in an attempt to get closer to Wiley. Brad will undoubtedly feel nervous about the young lady wedging her way into his life, and he will most likely do all he can to try and keep her away from “his” child. But, what will happen if Michael is around? Will he sense his friend’s uneasiness? Brad needs to keep his cool.

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4. Nina’s Announcement

GH spoilers tease a big announcement this week coming from Nina. Will she declare her intentions to marry Valentin? Seems like it could be something on the horizon. Having said that, a lot of soap opera weddings end in disaster, and with Valentin’s secret still looming, seems like these two better enjoy their happiness now because it may be coming to an end.

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3. Ava’s World

Ava will be all over the place this week, as GH spoilers hint some explosive confrontations. First and foremost, Ava’s brother Julian will question her loyalties early in the week. As the days go by, she’ll get a bit of a surprise from “Kevin.” Lastly, Ava and Carly will butt heads … what else is new?

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2. Elizabeth Gets Support

Liz is dealing with a lot now that Franco is being pinned for all these serial killer murders. Plus, as a single mom of three boys, everything seems to be taking a toll on her. Thankfully, she’ll get some support from friend Terry this week. She’ll most likely offer Liz a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to.

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out the GH spoilers this week, Sam’s curiosity will be peaked, while Cameron will be very upset about something. Lulu gets a phone call, and it’s hard not to speculate that this may have to do with Dante or more information on where he is. Lastly, Margaux will overshare some information. With GH February spoilers calling for an interesting connection she has, will this add some insight to this teaser? Only time will tell.

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