JEFFERIES: What gives anyone the right to tell them where they can and can’t live?

YEMINI: Umm, boarders, Government

JEFFERIES: I know boarders, but wouldn’t it just be nice if we got to a place in society…

YEMINI: A utopia, well…

JEFFERIES: A utopia where we all just lived as one?

YEMINI: On, on, on a level I agree with you.

JEFFERIES: You might say I’m a dreamer…

YEMINI: I think most people, most people, you know, sensible people, would agree with you in theory.


YEMINI: But in practice, it goes against human nature. It just doesn’t work.

The contrast between the two pieces of footage is stark. In his video where Yemini exposes Jefferies, he is seen shaking his head at the conclusion of this clip, remarking;

“You bloody scumbag, Jim. You see those rubbish edits throughout the entire segment, I don’t even need to show you, you get my point. They pull one answer to a different question.”

Any journalist will tell you this is highly unethical. Even though Jefferies is a comedian, this piece is presented as an “investigation” and should be held to the same standard as any story shown on a current affairs or news program. You simply cannot use different answers to different questions.

Filming took place a few months ago but the story was rushed to air to tie in with the Christchurch massacre. The people who spoke with Jefferies did not agree to be interviewed in relation to the tragic events of Christchurch, they agreed to a discussion about racism in general.

To make matters worse, Jefferies starts drawing a picture of the prophet Mohamed during the interview. Yemini is visibly worried saying;

“Don’t you dare, don’t you dare. I’ve got enough deaths threats on me, Jesus Christ.”

Jefferies ignores the plea and holds up his crude drawing (which is not visible to the angle of the camera) and says;

“He looks like a wobbly ghost”.

Yemini looks off camera, addressing producers;

“He’s finally going to understand Islam after this shit comes out”.