Just Listen: False Advertising – You Won’t Feel Love

Just Listen: False Advertising – You Won’t Feel Love

Words by Gary Lambert

Well it seems that False Advertising have managed to create a time machine because there is no way that I don’t already know this song. On first listen, there is an instant connection with You Won’t Feel Love like it is one of the tracks I grew up with, and have subsequently spent years dancing to and singing along with. False Advertising frontwoman Jen Hingley has used the time since their last release perfecting her ability to turn into a British Courtney Love before she went insane. The way she is able to sing so powerfully but keep her voice from sounding raw makes her one of the most exciting talents we have within the British music scene. If You Won’t Feel Love is a good barometer for False Advertising’s second album then we are going to be very lucky.

Listen to You Won’t Feel Love here