Anxiety is reportedly high among the cast and crew of “Empire”.

Production sources reportedly told TMZ those who work on the show fear the program may not be renewed for another season, in part, because of the legal drama of Jussie Smollett.

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“We’re told people who’ve been working on the show for years are griping they should’ve heard the news one way or another by now, and expected to get word on the fate of the show around two weeks ago,” the publication wrote. “We’re told folks involved in the production feel like Jussie and his case will be a big factor in how things shake out.”

In most cases, Fox has renewed “Empire” in January for the following season.

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The writers of “Empire” have announced Smollett’s character will be removed from the remaining episodes of season five. Should Fox renew the program, there are reportedly reservations about re-introducing Smollett’s character.

Smollett was indicted on Feb. 20 for disorderly conduct after he allegedly paid two men to stage a fake hate crime assault on him. On March 8, a grand jury indicted him on 16 disorderly conduct felony counts.