SKY News has announced The Innovation Forum, a new six-part series examining Australia’s place in the global innovation landscape.

Hosted by Melbourne Bureau Chief and Senior Reporter Ahron Young, the series will explore issues, challenges and triumphs in education, policy, creativity and planning contributing to the growth of Australia’s innovation industries.

He will be joined by a panel of industry experts on Australia’s status in the technology industry and future growth.

Ahron Young said: “Australians have always been brilliant innovators. We’ve had to be. On a land as arid and uncompromising as ours, we’ve created one of the most advanced societies in the world. From the invention of the black box flight recorder, to WIFI, Australian engineers are world leaders.

“We’ll also look at some of the big challenges we face too. How we can become better marketers of our own ideas, and what we need to do to keep the best minds living and working in Australia.”

Thursday 7 March at 8pm AEDT then fortnightly Thursday 21 March, Thursday 4 April, Thursday 18 April, Thursday 2 May and Thursday 16 May.