TODAY EXTRA gets zero in Perth! WEEK 14 Ratings wrap — Australian Television News


BIGGEST SHOWS FOR EACH NETWORK (excluding nightly news)*

NINE: MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT (Sunday) – 1,485,000

SEVEN: MY KITCHEN RULES (Wednesday) – 916,000

10: GOGGLEBOX (Thursday) – 579,000

ABC: HARD QUIZ (Wednesday) – 728,000

There’s no doubt Nine’s rivals will be grateful the mega-successful hit Married at First Sight is coming to an end. MAFS delivered another strong week with the first vow renewal episode of the season, which saw Cam propose to Jules, draw an average national audience of 2.043m (5 City 1.486m Reg: 556,000). This was the most watched show of the week.

In the digital/9Now space MAFS continues to dominate the rolling 28 day VPM ranking. The show holds 15 of the top 20 programs, with the most watched episode at a VPM of 480,000

The question for execs at Seven will be what to do with My Kitchen Rules in 2020. Does Seven believe they have anything that could hold out against MAFS as strong as MKR? MKR showed it is still a strong performer when its not up against MAFS, hitting 916k on Wednesday. So, do Seven move it to another part of the year and risk losing significant share or do they go into 2020 knowing they will lose Q1?

Big decisions ahead.

Tom Gleeson has proved a spinoff show can become more successful than the original. The Hard Chat segment is without a doubt the most talked about part of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (610k) but the spinoff show, Hard Quiz was the ABC’s #1 show of the week with 728k. Will the two shows swap timeslots next year so that Gleeson can provide better lead-in to Pickering?

As we approach the end of the first quarter there is a lot of data for the networks to digest. This data will impact what is on offer this time next year. While Nine and Seven will most likely be looking at the same slate, 10 will have to go back to the drawing board. Nothing has worked but I would expect a renewal for Dancing With The Stars. When everything else is dire, shows with a glimmer of hope are likely to get picked up again.

Sunday Night Takeaway is dead. Oh, what could have been.

Word is no money requests have been rejected from CBS, meaning this is the first time in years 10 have not had to play it safe. It is now up to the creativity of executives to show they have what it takes to drive success. With Q1 a write-off, they will be hoping old brands like Bachelor and Masterchef will bring some relief. The problem is these shows make noise and will drive up share, but they are not runaway trains like Married at First Sight. Will 10 be able to crawl out of the hole that is 4th place before the end of the year? Executives will be hoping so as it won’t be a good look for CBS in its first year of complete influence over the programming slate.


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