1 of the newest Saints, former Texas Longhorns WR Lil’Jordan Humphrey, an undrafted rookie no cost agent, is creating a lot of speak but there’s a lot more to the story.

University of Texas Longhorns wide receiver, Lil’Jordan Humphrey came to the Saints as an undrafted rookie no cost agent at the conclusion of the 2019 NFL Draft. The name is sufficient to grab the eye. The college stats are sufficient to get Saints fans hyped that we’ve unearthed a future star. And we could have.

On paper, it is straightforward to get excited about Lil’Jordan. He got a tiny bit of playing time as a sophomore at Austin pulling in 37 catches for 431 yards and a touchdown. His junior year was a superior one particular even though, 86 receptions for 1,176 yards and nine touchdowns. That brought a lot of focus Lil’Jordan’s way.

Even with his college production, Humphrey went into the draft method wearing a grade of three-six round projection. A mid-round grade. But why? And why did he at some point tumble all the way out, enabling the Saints to sign him as an undrafted rookie no cost agent?

Possibly it is most effective not to appear a present horse in the mouth as they say. But superior bargains are generally superior bargains for a purpose.

Everywhere you discover info on Lil’Jordan Humphrey, the initially issue to greet you is that he’s six-foot-four, 220-pounds. And that info is from the University of Texas’ athletic division. At the NFL Scouting Combine, it was revealed that wasn’t as well far off but LJH is in fact six-foot-three, 210-pounds. No biggie.

It was currently identified, just from a simple eye test, that LJH wasn’t the quickest receiver coming out in the 2019 NFL Draft. That was currently identified in the method that got him to a three-six projection. At the combine even though, what has to be the worst case situation for a receiver occurred. The most effective time Lil’Jordan Humphrey was in a position to place up for the 40 was an astonishingly slow four.75 and his projection went from three-six to 7-FA or seventh round to priority no cost agent.

Humphrey had a likelihood to redeem himself at UT’s Pro Day, and he did to an extent, enhancing his time, reportedly, to the mid to upper four.six variety. It was noted at that occasion believed that didn’t do drills with the receivers. Rather, he was with the tight ends and offensive linemen performing blocking drills.

That struck me as strange as it did a lot of men and women at that Pro Day occasion. But hunting more than a lot of his predraft components one particular issue at some point stuck out and began the bells ringing. It is in the blurb on Lil’Jordan’s web page on the NFL Scouting Combine internet site, a blurb written by NFL Draft analyst Lance Zierlein. At the conclusion there’s this “he demands to bulk up and re-brand as a matchup tight finish or significant slot.” And that set off the light bulb since it sounds like one thing Sean Payton would have written.

We will not know something till the players begin coming in for upcoming OTAs and minicamps. As significant a year as he had at receiver, they could not want to mess with what’s been functioning for LJH. But this is what Sean Payton is at present functioning on with Saints tight finish Dan Arnold who came to the Saints final year as a UDFA receiver just as LJH has carried out.

With all the receivers scheduled to be in camp for the Saints, a stab at tight finish would surely open at least a further choice to get Lil’Jordan on the field. He is a dynamic player right after that catch. Substantially of that can be attributed to his higher college years exactly where he played operating back till coaches talked him into a late position adjust. So this wouldn’t be the initially time LJH has been by way of this routine. There’s just a lot of concern with his speed that his game will not translate to the NFL level.

This is shaping up to be one particular of the fiercest instruction camps in a even though at a handful of positions for the Saints. And wide receiver could in fact be the one particular with the most open competitors. You get the sense that, except for Michael Thomas, no one particular has any type of assured job safety. But the talent is denses and it will a difficult fought battle to crack the 53-man roster.