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The Coathangers | Mold
Soup Kitchen, Manchester
29th April 2019

It is a Monday evening and Mold, who are opening tonight’s gig, have temporarily lost their drummer. Apparently he has sustained a significant head wound and is not offered to play tonight. The two remaining members have managed to find a short-term drummer, who they have daubed in their signature Kiss/Marilyn Manson style face paint, and he has learnt their set in 15 minutes flat. Which is why they take to the stage at 8pm as an alternative of 7:45pm.

Mold play lengthy, guitar dominated, spiralling, doomy noise rock, with occasional forays into angular, jerky, shouty punk. They attract a modest but enthusiastic regional following but (possibly due to their appalling terrible luck tonight) they do not definitely engage with the audience and it feels extra like watching a practice space jam session than a gig.

The Coathangers are from Atlanta, Georgia, have a song that seems to be referred to as ‘Fuck the NRA’, and take to the stage in matching gold spangly mini dresses with constructed in hoods. As she requires her seat, drummer Stephanie Luke (Rusty Coathanger) turns to the audience with a glint in her eye and roars ‘ALRIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS!’ It is not so considerably a query as a guarantee.

It is a set of thrashy garage rock, girl group pensiveness, sass, and jump up and down shouty punk rock. The bare walls of the Soup Kitchen lend themselves effectively in ambience and aesthetic to this feast of garage punk pop. Up front persons are dancing wildly, a person plays enthusiastic air drums, and entertaining is clearly getting had.

Halfway by means of the set, a man who has been standing straight subsequent to the stage heads previous me and tends to make for the bar. When he returns with his pint, his spot by the stage has been filled by two young ladies, who are dancing, lost in the music. From behind them, he leans forward and whispers a thing in the ear of 1 of them and she stops dancing, moves to the side, and lets him previous, creating extremely conciliatory gestures with her hands. He resumes his position by the stage, putting his pint on the stage, subsequent to the monitor. The young lady, now behind him, does not resume dancing.

Singer/guitarist Julia Kugel (Crook Kid Coathanger) has a variety of singing types, from coy Betty-Boop-meets-Kathleen-Hanna girl group voice (possibly ideal showcased on the satirical ‘Bimbo’) to punk rock Ronnie-Spector-meets-Zooey-Deschanel reduced register growl. I’m on the incorrect side of the stage to see considerably of Meredith Franco (Minnie Coathanger) on bass, but I have a clear view of Stephanie Luke on the drums, sufficient to judge that she is in the classic lineage of complete on superhuman singing drummers, growling and bashing the shit out of her kit to the extent that she loses a stick at 1 point.

Coathangers 1 lores

Later in the set they all swap instruments and when it is Stephanie’s turn to sing and dance, she goes berserk. I can see her fronting a hardcore band with ease. Watching her is like watching Gail Greenwood playing bass with Belly prior to she joined L7: It is not that you believe they could have got lost and joined the incorrect band, you just know that the energy is there to do so considerably extra.

As the lights go up at the finish of the set, I spot the young lady who had the altercation earlier. She appears about sixteen. She is not smiling as she leaves the venue.

The Coathangers album, The Devil You Know, is out now. Their final UK tour date is 1st May possibly following which they are touring Europe. You can stick to the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and they also have a web page

Images by Shari Denson. You can see extra of Shari’s photographs on her web page and come across her on Twitter

All words by Cazz Blase a freelance writer from Stockport. You can come across her on Twitter. Far more writing by Cazz on her Author profile.

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