Ah, the Crossroads – the lovely yet baffling crossroads. The precarious moment of truth where our ‘other choices’ and sense of loyalty each do battle for our attention. Where perhaps, our love lives and work lives happen to overlap and intersect. Where, even the flame that saves us by igniting a new spark, could also simply result in a mountain of ash we leave behind. Well, the working and loving couple behind the new single from Of Sea and Stone, entitled “I Love You, Goodbye” – offers us a truly dichotomic and intimate perspective from the roadside.

In 2014, this Folk/Americana twosome and real-life couple met, soon married and have worked musical magic together ever since. It’s clear that Luke and Morgan had their own spark of instant chemistry, but it’s also proving to be the kind that lasts a lifetime. This new single highlights an abundance of paradoxical themes not only in title but even in execution – as their polished and poised vocal harmonies, cascade over their raw and vulnerable songwriting.

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Starting with emotive acoustic strums, they exchange reciprocal lyrical lines asking the all-important and honest questions of a couple at a crossroads. Accompanied by sharp piano beds against organic acoustic arpeggios, their haunting voices manage to mix and mingle and coalesce as obvious Soulmates, even despite the heartbreaking messages being sent in the lyric. A story of only offering half of themselves at times, of the ‘poison’ that draws them in, of the eyes that push each other away – of two ships now merely passing in the night, helpless to the winds of change.

Together, the musicians and voices reach a glorious climax before sweetly concluding – very likely taking your hearts and minds along with it.

And when they come together in the chorus, you can hear the reason they still strive to make it work. Saying I Love You and Goodbye at the same time, like the Sea and the Stone – are two very opposite grounds on which to approach their next moments together. It sounds like it’s over, all while their made-for-two harmonies sweetly sing them back to unison. The chorus releases into an expertly crafted percussive piece, that continues to build through the second half of the song. Therein, both the fiddle and banjo each play prominent roles in filling out the soundscape to its peak. Together, the musicians and voices reach a glorious climax before sweetly concluding – very likely taking your hearts and minds along with it.

Of Sea and Stone

This latest effort from Of Sea and Stone wonderfully exhibits the strength and the vulnerabilities of the dynamic duo, even when seemingly opposed: Loving and Leaving, Joy and Pain, Hope and Desperation. There’s a certain inevitably expressed in “I Love You, Goodbye” – but we’re just thankful this real-life duo has found harmony in their own unity, and continue to graciously share their combined vulnerability and strengths with us.

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