R. Kelly – Authorities Searching For A lot more Sex Tapes W/ Minors



R. Kelly – Authorities Searching For A lot more Sex Tapes W/ Minors

R. Kelly’s legal woes could get even worse. As he faces 4 counts regarding allegations he sexually assaulted females and minors, there are reports that investigators and prosecutors are hunting even deeper into his alleged actions.

Authorities in his property state, Illinois, are looking for more sex tapes that show him in the act with minors. They’re attempting to locate some thing that will prove he’s involved in sex trafficking, tax evasion and that he committed an obstruction of justice.

The singer’s  attorney, Steven Greenberg, mentioned of the investigation,

“The goal of this, as with all investigations, is to see if there was or was not wrongdoing. It absolutely does not imply there was.”

As for obstruction of justice, there’s concern that he and his legal group interfered with his 2008 trial in youngster pornography allegations against him. In that trial, there was an alleged  video of him and an underaged lady obtaining intercourse. He also allegedly urinated on the victim.

Her identity has been concealed, but in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary that aired on Lifetime in January, singer Sparkle said the victim was her niece who was 14 at the time the video was taken. The girl and her parents didn’t take the stand in his trial.

Now, police want to locate out if RKelly and his group intimidated witnesses by way of payoffs and bribes to avert them from testifying.

Meanwhile, he’s maintained his innocence.

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