Hofmeyr is predicting the downfall of MultiChoice, with the controversial
singer now saying he will be organising a “special funeral” for his DStv
satellite dish and that he plans to cancel the spend-Television service of his four DStv
controversial artist who moved from mass industry Afrikaans entertainer the previous
handful of years to generating increasingly provocative and incensed public statements
about race, is angry that the spend-Television organization decided to actively enact a block
on the broadcast of him and his entertainment content material to avert the organization
from funneling revenue from their DStv subscribers to his wallet.
does not imply that Hofmeyr will not be noticed or reported on for instance in news and
present affairs on news channels but that MultiChoice will no longer enter into
new contracts about any current or future entertainment operate he seems in or
that he is involved in.
will also start out to operate to take away library content material that he seems in or are
accountable for from all its platforms and not rebroadcast it once again. In brief,
the Randburg-primarily based spend-Television organization as a private organization that listed in February
does not want revenue that it tends to make from its
paying prospects via displaying entertainment
content material on any of its DStv channels, its video
streaming service Showmax or any of its audio channels, to go to him.
race-baiting artist who previously stated on social media that “blacks are
the architects of apartheid”, who kept singing Die Stem at concerts and
arts festivals, and would gaslight with images and messages of the old South
African flag will no longer get any exposure on, be permitted to seem on, or be
in a position to make any revenue from DStv or any of its broadcasting brands like kykNET.

an Afrikaans message on social media, Hofmeyr on Wednesday encouraged his
followers to get rid of DStv, saying “we are reaching our people today on quite a few much more
locations than TV”. It is not clear who the “our people” refers to. 

He also stated
“this is a get in touch with to independence. We will see the downfall of MultiChoice in our
lifetime. I’ve organised a unique funeral for my satellite dish”.

receiving rid of his DStv and predicting MultiChoice’s future demise, Steve Hofmeyr
took time to investigate and watch DStv and noted that DStv on Wednesday nevertheless
“played my music this morning by the way”.