Knowing about Count Slick since dropping “The Show” LP in 2017, the DMV based lyricist is back with a new album that must be heard if you a true music junkie!  “Alive” is a 14-track project with thought provoking lyrics front to back that makes you appreciate life more than ever.  I honestly don’t believe there is not one person who never thought about ending it all, yet their resilience and love for everybody who cares about them keeps them from making the ultimate decision.  This deep album hits hard on this topic especially on the track called, “Chandelier Pt. 2”.  Probably one of the best songs I’ve ever heard about contemplating and overcoming suicide.

Lyrically, “Alive” is a masterpiece complimented with selective beats that emphasizes Count Slick’s musical skills even more.  We don’t hear much music like this out the DMV.  Especially with songs like “Breath”, “Crawl”, and “Manifesto”, you can actually get inside the mind of the starving artist and understand the frustrations he has build up involving the industry.  I also have to agree when he says, “I’m just trying to murder everyone on your playlist, face it”.  After listening to the whole project, it’s hard to find a famous rapper who can touch Count Slick.

From glimpses of classic boom bap, to the new era sound that kids are knotting there heads to today, this project has a bit of everything catering to all ages of Hip Hop. It’s pretty dope that we are one of the first blogs to highlight Count Slick’s new album “Alive” as a “must grab project for 2019”.  This project scores a 9/10 in our books.  Haven’t scored an album this high in a while!