Taylor Swift may be done with the snake… but Kim Kardashian West sure isn’t!

Fans are speculating that the KUWTK star threw some shade Thursday night when she slithered onto social media to post a photo at the exact moment her famous rival dropped her new single and music video, Me!

What made the pic so shady? It was a photo of snake-shaped jewelry!

See the post from Kim’s Instagram Stories (below):

Kim Kardashian shares snake jewelry on instagram
Shade was detected. / (c) Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim’s stunning jewelry, which included a gold chain and several pairs of earrings, were apparently a gift from model Sita Abellan. However, fans couldn’t help but detect some shade, given the curious timing and subject matter of the upload.

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The snake, after all, has become a powerful symbol in Tay lore. It all started in 2016, when her ex Calvin Harris publicly vented about Swift’s team allegedly trying to make him “look bad” by revealing that she had secretly co-penned his hit song This Is What You Came For — when really, he claimed, it was Taylor’s idea to keep her involvement a secret in the first place.

This revelation caused the first wave of snake emojis to pop up on the songstress’ Instagram page. But the Swift/serpent association wasn’t solidified until days later, when Kimmy Kakes bravely defended her husband Kanye West — who was caught up in his own feud with Taylor at the time — by subtly linking Taylor with National Snake Day after posting video recordings of Kanye and Taylor discussing his song Famous

She tweeted:

In effect, a cataclysmic snake emoji flood broke out on Taylor’s Gram; something that impacted her both technologically and artistically.

At first, the Grammy winner tried to distance herself from the snake: her page was the first live test of a filter that allowed celebrities to automatically delete certain words and emojis from their feeds. But soon, Taylor realized that it would be much more empowering — and lucrative — if she were to embrace the serpentine symbol.

Thus, the old Taylor was dead… and the new, Reputation-era Taylor was born.

While Kardashian and Swift have both claimed to have moved on from their beef in the months since, the subject still finds a way to slither into interviews.

On Friday, it appeared the 29-year-old songstress was ready to shed the snake from her image completely. As we wrote, her freshly-released video opens on a scene of a pink snake bursting into dozens of pretty butterflies:

But clearly not everyone’s ready to let go of the snake — and by everyone, we specifically mean KKW.

Tell us, Perezious readers: do you think Kim’s post was shady? Was she intentionally trying to ruin Taylor’s “me” moment, or was it just a happy coincidence?

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[Image via WENN/YouTube]