Michael Aaron Pang, 22, from Overland Park, Kansas, is accused of beating 74-year-old shop worker Norveo Fedeli to death soon after becoming unable to spend for clothing, according to Lt. Col. Guglielmo Trombetta of Italy’s paramilitary police, the Carabinieri.

Pang arrived in Italy in mid-February and rented a bed and breakfast in the village of Capodimonte, the officer stated.

“He was gentle with absolutely everyone and generally greeted absolutely everyone,” Trombetta stated, adding that the young man does not speak Italian and utilized his mobile telephone translator to communicate.

But he was arrested more than the killing of Fedeli, who was struck with an iron stool and had his face trampled with a shoe, in a crime committed in daylight that has stunned the commonly quiet town.

Pang is pictured on surveillence footage after the killing.

Investigators say Pang had currently bought clothing for 600 euros (about $673) in the shop, mostly sweatshirts and brand-name jeans, on April 30 and Could two, making use of credit cards.

But the payments have been blocked so “almost certainly … when the boy returned and the shopkeeper refused to sell him the merchandise, they began fighting,” Trombetta stated.

Pang was born in South Korea on March 22, 1997, authorities stated. He was identified in safety camera footage soon after the killing, according to Trombetta.

CCTV footage seems to show Pang walking in the street out of the shop with a plastic bag covering his left foot. Investigators say they identified the wallet of the victim and numerous new garments from the victim’s shop in Pang’s space.

Trombetta added that Pang, now in prison in Viterbo, declined to answer magistrates’ queries. His court-appointed lawyers did not respond to CNN’s request for comment on Sunday.

Paolo Auriemma, a prosecutor in Viterbo, told journalists that Pang had no criminal records throughout his two and a half months in Italy.