Mike Baldwin – anything you want to know about the Coronation Street legend


Mike Baldwin spent 30 years at the centre of Coronation Street’s largest storylines… but how considerably can you bear in mind about Weatherfield’s factory boss?

The legendary Mike Baldwin will go down in Coronation Street history as the dodgy cockney businessman who arrived in Weatherfield to open a new garments factory. The character, played by actor Johnny Briggs, was a smooth-speaking ladies man, who infamously managed to function his way by way of half of the females on the cobbles.

Here’s anything you want to know about Mike Baldwin, who spent 30 years causing drama in Coronation Street…

The lots of wives of Mike Baldwin – and that Deirdre Barlow affair!

Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street with Alma

Mike with Alma

For the duration of his time on Corrie, Mike had 25 girlfriends and 4 wives… but the accurate enjoy of his life was Alma Halliwell, primarily for the reason that she knew just how to deal with him.

His initially wife was Susan Barlow, the daughter of his extended-operating enemy Ken Barlow. The pair had been normally at loggerheads thanks to Mike’s affair with Deirdre Barlow prior to she married Ken… and the pair in no way saw eye-to-eye just after that. Mike’s marriage to Susan started in 1986 but didn’t final for the reason that they would argue about what they each wanted from their future collectively. Ultimately Susan found she was pregnant, and whilst Mike wanted her to commence at house and be a wife and mother, Susan announced she was possessing an abortion and moving to Newcastle.

Mike then went on to marry Jackie Ingram in 1991, who was a wealthy widow who had inherited a factory from her late husband, Peter. But she quickly discovered out that Peter had died of a heart attack in the course of an argument with Mike and their marriage ended just after just a week.

Mike and Jackie did not last long!

Mike and Jackie did not final extended!

Mike then married Alma Halliwell in 1992 just after their on/off partnership was reignited after her romance with Ken Barlow ended. But their marriage didn’t final extended when Mike was seduced by Julia Stone, who was blackmailing him for huge sums of money.

He then went on to marry Linda Sykes, only to find out she was possessing an affair with his son, Mark. At initially he blamed Mark completely, but then Mike was heartbroken to find out his beloved Alma was dying of cervical cancer he spent all this time by her side, leaving Linda jealous. Shortly just after Alma’s death Mike ended his marriage to Linda.

Mike Baldwin v Ken Barlow – the ultimate feud!

"Coronation Street" TV series - 1989

The war in between Ken and Mike, which lasted for extra than twenty years, began back in 1983 when Ken found his wife Deirdre had been possessing an affair with the factory boss. The enjoy triangle in between the trio captured the nation, but the drama in between the guys got even worse when in Mike went on to marry Ken’s daughter, Susan.

Ken was not satisfied about his daughter marrying his old rival… but whilst their marriage didn’t final, in 2001 Mike found that he had a son, Adam, who Susan had kept a secret. Just after Susan’s death, Ken and Mike went to war after once again more than who must have custody of Adam.

The factory king

Mike Baldwin began his profession as a market place stall holder, but his empire quickly began to take shape when he opened Baldwin’s Casuals on Coronation Street… a factory that specialised in all items denim.

Mike was a fearsome factory boss, rapid to threaten his machinists with the sack if they answered back or slacked off.

Household man

Mike had 3 sons, two of which he didn’t even know had been his till they had been grown up. His partnership with his third son was broken when Mike found he’s been sleeping with his wife…

In 2004 Mike found that Susan Barlow hadn’t had an abortion like she had stated, and that he was a father to her son, Adam. But as he attempted to fight her for custody, Susan fled Weatherfield, only to be killed in a vehicle crash, leaving Adam motherless.

Mark Redman came to Weatherfield and Mike took him on as manager at the factory, which had now turn into the underwear enterprise, Underworld, that we know and enjoy currently. But on his wedding evening he discovered out that Mark and his new wife Linda had been possessing an affair, and he blamed his son completely.

In 2004 Mike’s nephew Danny Baldwin arrived in Weatherfield with his household and immediately began assisting Mike at the factory. It was revealed in 2005 that Danny was in fact Mike’s son – the outcome of a short fling with Mike and his sister-in-law, Viv.

Dramatic death

By the finish of 2005, not extended just after viewers found Danny Baldwin was in fact Mike’s son and not his nephew, Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s illness. The character was aged just 63 and it wasn’t extended prior to he was acting out of character, leaving every person worried.

Mike created his final look on screen in April 2006 when he escaped hospital just after becoming admitted for pneumonia. He created his was back to his beloved factory, exactly where he was ironically discovered by his old rival Ken.

The pair shared some banter about Deirdre for old time’s sake, and as Mike suffered a enormous heart attack, he died in Ken’s arms with his final words becoming “You’re completed Barlow, Deirdre loves me, she’s mine!”.

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