By Brent Furdyk.

With all the TV reboots taking place, one show that has yet to be revived is “The Nanny” — and for now it will stay that way.

Back in October, the show’s star/exec producer Fran Drescher gave an interview in which she revealed she was exploring reviving the show — and was interested in getting Cardi B onboard to play her daughter.

“I’m talking to her representation,” said Drescher at the time. “It’s really getting me excited. It’s fresh and it could be super fun.”

In a new interview, Drescher says she’s still interested in reviving the show with the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, but admits the idea of a reboot is on the backburner.

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“At this point, I might be interested in doing an updated version of ‘The Nanny’ with a whole new cast — and writing and producing that, but it’s not something that I’m worried about or thinking about today,” Drescher told Uproxx in late May.

Now Drescher confirmed on “The Michael Yo Show” that despite her campaign to get Cardi to join she has had no luck.

“I’ve talked to her representation,” she said. “In my head, I always thought that for a television series it might be more fun rather than where are we 20 years later, to actually do the show with a whole new cast and get like a Cardi B to play the Nanny and get like an Obama type to play Mr. Sheffield. Maybe I could be Cardi B’s mother Sylvia, and just mix it up!”

Drescher added, “I actually think she’s funny. I think she’s beautiful and she has a funny voice. She’s from New York. She’s got the style of a star and you can’t buy that. There are just some people like JLo and Cher and Diana Ross. It’s just a given. She and I on social media, on Instagram and stuff, she’s often putting us together. My picture, her picture. She’s very influenced by the style of myself and the nanny from back in the day and it’s very flattering to me.”

While “The Nanny” might not be coming back, Drescher did tease that she has a new project that she is working on, ” “something that I think ‘The Nanny’ fans are going to be very excited about. Something ‘Nanny’ related.”

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