Final week, the remaining MasterChef Canada residence cooks had been schooled when they produced lunches for more than 100 hungry little ones and Rozin was eliminated from the competitors.

This week, Chef Alvin took centre stage throughout the Elimination Challenge when he uncovered Asian treats for the participants to tackle.

But ahead of all of that, there was the newest Mystery Box to get by way of. The seven residence cooks lifted the lids to reveal two smaller sized boxes. One particular was clear, displaying all of the components. The other was black, hiding its contents. Which box each and every chose would go a lengthy way to presenting their personalities. Had been these residence cooks threat takers or not? Josh and Andre—the final two guys in the competitors, it need to be noted—opted for the clear boxes and 45 minutes of cooking time whilst the gals went for it. The secret boxes held exotic components like black cod, escarole and passion fruit. Six seasons in, I continue to be impressed with the challenges the producers are coming up with and Monday’s Mystery Box was just the newest.

Though Chef Michael admitted he would have selected the “safe” box, Alvin and Claudio mentioned they’d have gone for the secret box to test their capabilities. Chanelle decided on a Thai inspired cod dish for her recipe, Alyssa with fish tacos, Jennifer with fish cakes, Jenny a po’ boy sandwich and Cryssi a pan-fried cod with vinaigrette and fingerling potatoes. Andre and Josh had 15 minutes to plot and strategy their recipes, the former with dry-rubbed glazed pork and the latter a pan-seared pork chop with potatoes and butternut squash puree.

The judges chose to taste Chanelle’s plate (“The flavours had been fresh and clean,” opined Michael), Josh (“Very nicely carried out,” Alvin mentioned) and Cryssi (“Great flavours, excellent approach,” mentioned Michael). From the glowing critiques she got, it was no surprise that Cryssi won the Mystery Box challenge but it was nevertheless fantastic to see. And although she wasn’t protected and would have to cook in the Elimination Challenge, Cryssi got her choose of Asian-themed components like abalone, uni, ebisudai, Waygu beef, black garlic and XO sauce and then assigned her competitors the rest.

Cryssi chose the beef for herself and then aimed to cull the herd, providing Andre the uni, Alyssa the XO sauce, Chanelle the abalone, Jennifer the ebisudai fish, Josh the black garlic and Jenny the matsutake mushrooms.

Meanwhile, Cryssi planned to honour the beef as a steak and a tartare. Alyssa opted to place the XO sauce on pork belly, and Josh was stoked he got the garlic due to the fact he cooks with it all the time and planned to best his pasta with it. Jennifer aimed for a carpaccio, Jenny and mushroom egg drop soup and Andre a cauliflower steak with uni sauce. As time ran out, Alyssa discovered her pork wasn’t very carried out and would have to total it in a frying pan. Absolutely everyone was out of sorts, except for Cryssi and that was her strategy.

Jenny’s mushroom egg drop soup wasn’t up to par, according to Claudio and didn’t honour the major ingredient Alvin deemed Josh’s pasta stunning thanks to the creamy black garlic sauce Claudio named Jennifer’s carpaccio remarkable and Alvin was honoured she served it in the fried carcass Michael advised Alyssa her pork was just cooked by way of and the XO sauce didn’t come by way of Alvin loved Chanelle’s fried abalone and Alvin was disappointed Andre made use of so small sea urchin on his slab of cauliflower. Lastly, Cryssi’s tartare and steak had been a mixed bag according to Claudio.

Jennifer came out on best with the finest dish of the evening. On the bottom had been Jenny and Alyssa, who had struggled so badly with the components Cryssi gave them. And whilst they had been asked to get rid of their aprons, they weren’t eliminated but each face off in a Redemption Challenge in subsequent week’s episode.

MasterChef Canada airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Photos courtesy of Bell Media.