When is ketchup not just ketchup? The answer, Single Parents Season 1 finale revealed, is when it is utilized as a metaphor in one particular of the most impassioned rants about parenthood that we’ve heard in ages. But was the speech sufficient to move one particular of the comedy’s meant-to-be couples out of the buddy zone? Study on and uncover out…

single-parents-season-1-episode 23 recap finale adam brody‘I KNOW YOU MET HIM Quit NAME-DROPPING LANCE BASS!’ | As “Ketchup” started, Angie was so freaked out about getting separated from Graham that even Will’s suggestion that they go on a booze cruise couldn’t convince her that she shouldn’t drag her son dwelling from space camp. That getting the case, he’d drive her. Which was very good, “’cause I am out of gas,” Angie admitted. “Like all-the-way out.” On the road, Will got his pal to admit that OK, fine, perhaps she had abandonment challenges. But why shouldn’t she when absolutely everyone leaves — grandparents, pets, “every teacher at the finish of the college year, gone like it meant nothing… every single pen I’ve ever owned… ” Graham’s father… Aha! Certain that he’d gotten to the root of Angie’s issue, he got her to inform him about her summer time touring with “the sexiest man I had ever seen” — Derek (Leighton Meester’s genuine-life husband, O.C. vet Adam Brody). He’d even seemed excited about the prospect of becoming a dad, but “next issue I knew, he left me at a bus cease in Sacramento.” So fine, she had abandonment challenges. “But I got a bus issue, also.” Think it or not, the story got worse. Derek had under no circumstances even attempted to meet Graham, although he lives only a couple of hours away. “It’s like fire up an audio book and do the suitable issue, you hot doofus!” cried Angie.

Abruptly, Will had a brilliant, terrible thought: They should really overlook all about space camp and track down Derek so that Angie could give him a piece of her thoughts. “I’m gonna use all the cuss words!” she declared. She was even going to invent a handful of new ones, like… um… shoehead? Alas, after they pulled into the drive-thru of Ratso’s Burgers, Burritos & Teriyaki (ugh!), Angie lost her nerve. Due to the fact vehicles had pulled in behind them, Will couldn’t back out, either — they’d have to pass Derek at the window! Whilst Angie hid in the backseat, she had Will order sufficient meals to cater the show’s wrap celebration. When he was lastly face to handsome face with Derek, Will went off on him for forgetting the ketchup — which means his responsibilities as a father. Derek had produced the fries — which means Graham — and then hadn’t offered ketchup. But the fry is nevertheless remarkable, Will yelled, simply because the salt — which means Angie — is amazing! Prior to the confrontation with a bewildered Derek was via, Will got physical and smushed Graham’s dad’s face against the automobile window… quite substantially forcing him and Angie to see one particular yet another. Derek was eager to speak to his old flame, but she wasn’t prepared, so she and Will left with her babydaddy’s e mail on the shard of a demo CD Will had broken in half.

single-parents-season-1-episode 23 recap finale adam brody‘I’M A Extremely BUSY SINGLE DAD Attempting TO HAVE IT ALL’ | Meanwhile, Douglas was seething with jealousy more than Poppy and Ron’s kiss when Miggy arrived with the twins. “I’m dealing with one thing right here,” grumbled Douglas. “Can you come back in 10 years?” They could not and they would not — they had a business enterprise proposal in which they wanted the widower to invest: Beach Sneaks. The trio had a entire presentation to do, but “it’s a bag on a shoe,” stated Douglas seconds just after they started. “I get it.” And no way would he invest in the idiotic thought. Shortly, Poppy arrived to talk about what he’d witnessed the earlier evening and rapidly tired of his clear lies (that he hadn’t been in front of her spot, that he’d only been there to return Rory’s blazer, Liza). So she accused him of getting scared to inform her the truth about the way he felt — and added that that was a worry he didn’t share with Ron, who’d referred to as off his wedding!

Later, Miggy returned to inform Douglas that he’d pitched Beach Sneaks to a genuine business enterprise genius, who’d purchased in on the spot: Dwayne! He’d even gotten a web page place up… that stated Beach Sneaks by Dwayne. Dang it! “Only an idiot would trust Dwayne,” sighed Douglas. Prior to stomping out, Miggy stated that he was tired of getting referred to as dumb. And even if he was ditsy, at least he led with his heart — when was the final time Douglas did that? Inspired, Douglas produced a beeline for Poppy’s. She was performed with Ron, she stated. For very good this time. She’d even told him to marry Sharon. Why? asked Douglas. Poppy’s smile did a good job of answering that query. In return, he admitted that he hadn’t been outdoors her spot simply because of Liza but simply because of “feelings.” Neither of them knew exactly where they have been going from there, but Poppy had to hurry more than to the nuptials… which she was chagrined to be attending alone. Uh-uh. She wouldn’t be alone, Douglas stated.

‘THANK YOU FOR HULKING OUT FOR ME’ | As the episode and the season neared their conclusions, Will and Angie chowed down on all that meals he’d ordered whilst taking in the super romantic view from a hilltop. He wouldn’t have guessed that Derek would be her sort. “I like… distinctive items now,” she replied. Was Tracy his sort? Properly, yeah, he stated. But he had “other sorts,” also. As the moment got much more and much more loaded with possibility, Angie thanked him for his sweet ketchup tirade. “What can I say? I care deeply about condiments… and you,” he admitted. And it looked for a hot second like they may kiss, but just when it would’ve happened… argh! Sophie Facetimed! Later, we joined Poppy and Douglas as they have been about to enter Ron and Sharon’s wedding — and so did Will, Angie and Miggy! Douglas had told Poppy she wouldn’t have to go it alone! Soon after Douglas showed Miggy that he’d purchased him a web page for all of his future sneaker styles — “You know my name is not Mickey, suitable?” (oops!) — he took Poppy’s hand, and into the ceremony they went. So, what did you feel of the finale? Have been you hoping Will and Angie would kiss? Also quickly? Are you glad Douglas and Poppy got collectively? Hit the comments just after you grade the episode beneath.