CBS has announced the renewal of six extra drama shows and two Television news shows. SEAL Group, S.W.A.T., MADAM SECRETARY, BULL, HAWAII 5- and MACGYVER will all return subsequent season on the CBS primetime schedule, as will 60 MINUTES and 48 HOURS.

According to the network, “The acclaimed, award-winning 60 MINUTES has been on the Network for 51 years and averages 10.9 million viewers every single Sunday evening, even though the Emmy Award-winning 48 HOURS, now in its 29th season, attracts an audience of four.four million on Saturdays. BULL, now in its third season, reaches 11.four million viewers. HAWAII 5-, presently in its ninth season, hits 10.1 million, and MADAM SECRETARY in season 5 reaches eight.1 million. S.W.A.T. and SEAL Group, each in their second seasons on the Network, each and every score roughly eight.six million viewers, and MACGYVER, in its third season, attracts 7.six million viewers every single week.”