Batushka guitarist Krzysztof Drabikowski and vocalist Bartłomiej Krysiuk have been sparring publicly more than use of the band’s name given that the starting of the year. While Drabikowski claims to have written all the band’s music and says his project is becoming hijacked, Krysiuk has continued on with his personal version of the band and plans to release an album with Metal Blade Records. It would appear as if there are some important specifics to the scenario that are not publicly recognized, but these are most likely to see the light of day quickly in the ongoing court proceedings in the band’s native Poland.

Now we’ve got some updates on the court scenario, and the tldr version is this: a Polish court moved in April that the Krysiuk-led Batushka really should cease releasing albums and performing whilst the case is ongoing, and Drabikowski shared this choice on-line, touting it as a victory. Then these days, Krysiuk and the Metal Blade Records-signed version of Batushka issued a statement basically saying that a) the court’s ruling is a short-term injunction primarily based only on Drabikowski’s version of events and tends to make no ruling about the case as a complete, b) Krysiuk plans to countersue Drabikowski for causing harm to Batushka’s existing enterprise, and c) the Krysiuk-led version of Batushka does not program to honor the court choice anyway and will continue to release music and carry out reside.

Right here is the court choice, dated April 18th, posted by Drabikowski:

And right here is today’s statement, issued by an lawyer on behalf of Krysiuk, explaining Krysiuk’s position and intentions moving forward:

As we’ve stated in all of our coverage of the Batushka scenario and once again at the top rated of this piece, it is extremely tricky to make a judgment right here due to the fact, as mere fans, we have no way of figuring out all the information behind this case my guess is that there are some really serious concerns that led to the feud that are not publicly recognized and might in no way be. We’ll just have to wait and see what the court decides, but in the meantime it appears the Krysiuk-led version of the band nevertheless plans to release music this year. Remain tuned.